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Monday, 4 June 2012

Shaman of The Stars

Beautiful and With Gracious Thanks and Blessings

To a Maid, a Mother and a Crone.

I was once a rainstorm that fell as a single drop.

I was once the dew drop that lighted in a rainbows spark, on a Hazle Nut I fell only to fall some more I was within the river that always returns to source.

I was within the Salmon until I perceived a sea foam wave as bright and then 6 months in the belly of a whale.

I was skilled in shadow only to be called into more. I was purchased on the tip of a spear. I was nothing to a seen yet everything to sun moon an earth.

I was the cosmic wyrm that held the wyrd by swallowing its tale. I was an egg in a pan.. I was consumed by a woman..

In realms of the Otherworld I was snake and wylde wolf at hunt, I was at the same time as before the stag of seven tynes I was struck as Achilles by the venom by the snare I was caught.

I was drowned and I was washed by the burn around the island and The Great God Pan stood there. @wizard_paradox

© Jonathan MacLean-Lambie ✌ Good Forever

Khabs Am Pekht


The Magus 9°= 2□ XI°



Location:High Askomil,Campbeltown,United Kingdom

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