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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

THE TREE OF LIFE Paroketh 0=0

The Abyss separates the World of Air from the World of Water. It is the third veil on the Tree of Life. It is the third veil we must rend as we return to our Source from the World of Manifestation which is our physical universe. As we come down the Tree of Life we now reach the Second Veil. The Second Veil is called Paroketh which means Portal and it's the Portal through which we must travel to reach our Soul. It's also the Portal through which the first order member of the Golden Dawn must pass in order to become an Adept.

Paroketh is called the Veil of Illusion because what we see below this veil is an illusion. Reality is on the other side. Our soul resides in the true reality. Our ego and persona reside in the illusion of reality. Paroketh is also called the Curtain of Fire which refers to the fact that the World of Fire is located beneath the World of Water on the Tree of Life. As we descend into matter we must cross this Curtain of Fire.

Additionally, Paroketh is called the Curtain of Water because as we ascend the Tree of Life from the World of Fire we're confronted by a Curtain of Water which we must part (like Moses and the Red Sea) to ascend further.

As we incarnate into this physical world, we move down the Tree of Life from our beginning in Awareness at the top of the Tree. We build our intentions and focus ourselves down to one primary purpose for incarnation in the World of Air - the first three spheres. In the teachings of Magical Golden Dawn the body we inhabit here in the World of Air, the World of Archetypes is our Spirit. Our Spirit is our Higher Self, our own Holy Guardian Angel. It's our Spirit that decides to incarnate and it's our Spirit that decides upon our purpose for incarnation. It's our Spirit which our Unmanifest Self builds in the World of Archetypes as the first step in our physical incarnation.

Since we cannot move across the Abyss in our Spirit, Magical Golden Dawn teaches that our Spirit creates our second body, our Soul. Our Soul lives in the World of Water, the Creative World where we create the essence of what we will become in the physical reality. Our Soul is in constant communication with our Spirit. Our Spirit knows everything our Soul knows and experiences, just as our Unmanifest Self above the Tree of Life knows everything our Spirit knows and experiences. And, since our Unmanifest Self is a "Spark of Light in the Consciousness of the Unmanifest Creator," the One Source of All-That-Is knows everything our Unmanifest Self knows.

Our Soul decides how we'll express Unconditional Love and all our other emotions in our lives so we can reach the goal of achieving our purpose in the physical reality. It's in the World of Water where the blueprint for our emotional reactions to life are created. It's here we plan the relationships of our life. It's in this world where we attune our emotions to our life's purpose. We build an Emotional Body and that Emotional Body is our Soul. In various paradigms our Soul is also called our Etheric, Christ Body, Christ Consciousness, Conscience, Krishna Center, Krishna Consciousness and our True Self.

The next step in our descent down the Tree of Life is to cross the Veil of Illusion, the Curtain of Fire. Just as our Spirit builds a body to exist in the World of Water, so our Soul builds a body to exist in the World of Fire. This body is called our Astral Body or our Ego Body and it is our Ego and our Astral essence. Our Ego is the complex building block upon which our physical body, persona and personality are built. Our Ego resides in the World of Fire and it's in constant communication with our Soul.

It's important to realize not all Souls create an Ego and descend into the World of Fire. Not all Egos create a body and a persona and descend into the World of Matter, the World of Earth. Likewise, not all Spirits create a Soul and descend into the World of Water and not all Unmanifest Selves descend into the World of Air. Those who remain in the World of Fire we call Ghosts. Those in the World of Water we refer to as Astral Beings, Spirit Guides or Animal Guides and we consider many to be Masters. Those who remain in the World of Air are Ascended Masters, Adepts and Great Souls.

The fact that you and I inhabit a physical vehicle means we decided to manifest for some purpose and we entered the World of Archetypes, World of Emotion, World of Desire and the World of Matter in that order. Our job is now to discover our original purpose and then accomplish those goals. That process is called "climbing or ascending the Tree of Life." It's also called evolution, alchemy path-working and magic. This is just the opposite of our descent into matter which is called involution.

The Ordeal of Magick & Notes, Astral Projection, Invocation of the Honed God and More.

The Ordeal of Magick

Magickal Ordeal
Learn of the spirit that goes with burdens that have not honour, for 'tis the spirit that stooped the shoulders and not the weight. Armour is heavy, yet it is a proud burden and a man stands upright in it. Limiting and constraining any of the senses serves to increase the concentration of another. Shutting the eyes aids the hearing. So the binding of the Initiate's hands increases the mental perception, while the scourge increased the inner vision. So the Initiate goes through it proudly, like a princess, knowing it but serves to increase her glory.

But this can only be done by the aid of another intelligence and in a circle, to prevent the power thus generated being lost. Priests attempt to do the same with their scourging and mortifications of the flesh. But lacking the aid of bonds and their attention being distracted by their scourging themselves and what little power they do produce being dissipated, as they do not usually work within a circle, it is little wonder that they oft fail. Monks and hermits do better, as they are apt to work in tiny cells and caves, which in some ways act as circles. The Knights of the Temple, who used mutually to scourge each other in an octagon, did better still; but they apparently did not know the virtue of bonds and did evil, man to man.

But perhaps some did know. What of the Church's charge that they wore girdles or cords?

On Raising Power

Power is latent in the body and may be drawn out and used in various ways by the skilled. But unless confined in a circle it will be swiftly dissipated. Hence the importance of a properly constructed circle. Power seems to exude from the body via the skin and possibly from the orifices of the body; hence you should be properly prepared. The slightest dirt spoils everything, which shows the importance of thorough cleanliness.

The attitude of mind has great effect, so only work with a spirit of reverence. A little wine taken and repeated during the ceremony, if necessary, helps to produce the power. Other strong drinks or drugs may be used, but it is necessary to be very moderate, as if you are confused, even slightly, you cannot control the power you evoke.

The simplest way is by dancing and singing monotonous chants, slowly at first and gradually quickening the tempo until giddiness ensues. Then the calls may be used, or even wild and meaningful shrieking produces power. But this method inflames the mind and renders it difficult to control the power, though control may be gained through practice. The scourge is a far better way, for it stimulates and excites both body and soul, yet one easily retains control.

The Great Rite is far the best. It releases enormous power, but the conditions and circumstances make it difficult for the mind to maintain control at first. It is again a matter of practice and the natural strength of the operator's will and in a lesser degree those of his assistants. If, as of old, there were many trained assistants present and all wills properly attuned, wonders occur.

Sorcerers chiefly used the blood sacrifice; and while we hold this to be evil we cannot deny that this method is very efficient. Power flashes forth from newly shed blood, instead of slowly exuding as by our method. The victim's terror and anguish add keenness and quite a small animal can yield enormous power. The great difficulty is in the human mind controlling the power of the lower animal mind. But sorcerers claim they have methods for effecting this and that the difficulty disappears the higher the animal used and when the victim is human disappears entirely. (The practice is an abomination, but it is so.)

Priests know this well; and by their auto-da-fe's, with the victim's pain and terror (the fires acting much the same as circles), obtained enormous power.

Of old the Flagellants certainly evoked power, but through not being confined by a circle most was lost. The amount of power raised was so great and continuous that anyone with knowledge could direct and use it; and it is most probable that the classical and heathen sacrifices were used in the same way. There are whispers that when the human victim was a willing sacrifice, with his mind directed on the Great Work and with highly skilled assistants, wonders ensued - but of this I would not speak.

Astral Projection

'Tis not wise to strive to get out of your body until you have thoroughly gained the Sight. The same ritual as to gain the Sight may be used, but have a comfortable couch. Kneel so that you have your thigh, belly and chest well supported, the arms strained forward and bound one on each side, so that there is a decided feeling of being pulled forward. As the trance is induced, you should feel a striving to push yourself out of the top of your head. The scourge should be given a dragging action, as if to drive or drag you out. Both wills should be thoroughly in tune, keeping a constant and equal strain. When trance comes, your tutor may help you by softly calling your name. You will probably feel yourself drawn out of your body as if through a narrow opening, and find yourself standing beside your tutor, looking at the body on the couch. Strive to communicate with your tutor first; if they have the Sight they will probably see you. Go not far afield at first, and 'tis better to have one who is used to leaving the body with you.

A note: When, having succeeded in leaving the body, you desire to return, in order to cause the spirit body and the material body to coincide, THINK OF YOUR FEET. This will cause the return to take place.

Second Sight

Sight cometh to different people in divers ways; 'tis seldom it cometh naturally, but it can be induced in many ways. Deep and prolonged meditation may do it, but only if you are a natural, and usually prolonged fasting is necessary. Of old the monks and nuns obtained visions by long vigils, combined with fasting and flagellation till blood came; other mortifications of the flesh were practiced which resulted in visions.

In the East 'tis tried with various tortures whilst sitting in a cramped position, which retarded the flow of blood; these tortures, long and continued, gave good results.

In the Art, we are taught an easier way, that is, to intensify the imagination, at the same time controlling the blood supply, and this may best be done by using the ritual.

Incense is good to propitiate the spirits, also to induce relaxation to the aspirant and to help build up the atmosphere which is necessary for suggestibility. Myrrh, Gum Mastic, Aromatic Rush Roots, Cinnamon Bark, Musk, Juniper, Sandalwood and Ambergris, in combination, are all good, but the best of all is Patchouli.

The circle being formed, and everything properly prepared, the aspirant should first bind and take his tutor into the circle, invoke suitable spirits for the operation, dance round till giddy, meanwhile invoking and announcing the object of the work, then he should use the flagellum. Then the tutor should in turn bind the aspirant - but very lightly, so as not to cause discomfort - but enough to retard the blood slightly. Again they should dance round, then at the Altar the tutor should use the flagellum with light, steady, slow and monotonous strokes. It is very important that the pupil should see the strokes coming, as this has the effect of passing, and helps greatly to stimulate the imagination. It is important that the strokes be not hard, the object being to do no more than draw the blood to that part and away from the brain; this, with the light binding, slowing down the circulation of the blood, and the passes, soon induce a drowsy stupor. The tutor should watch for this, and as soon as the aspirant speaks or sleeps the flagellum should cease. The tutor should also watch that the pupil becomes not cold, and if the pupil struggles or seems distressed he should at once be awakened.

Be not discouraged if no results come at the first experiment - results usually occur after two or three attempts. It will be found that after two or three attempts or experiments results will come, and soon more quickly; also soon much of the ritual may be shortened, but never forget to invoke the Goddess or to form the circle, and for good results 'tis ever better to do too much ritual rather than do too little at first.

Remember, the circle properly constructed is ever necessary to prevent the power released being dissipated; it is also a barrier against any disturbing or mischievous forces; for to obtain good results you must be free from all disturbances.

Remember, darkness, points of light gleaming amid the surrounding dark, incense and the steady passes by a white arm, are not as stage effects but rather they are mechanical instruments which serve to start the suggestion which later unlocks the knowledge that it is possible to obtain the divine ecstasy, and so attain to knowledge and communication with the Divine Goddess. When once you have attained this, ritual is needless, as you may attain the state of ecstasy at will, but 'til then or, if having obtained or attained it yourself, you wish to bring a companion to that state of joy, ritual is best.

Instructions To Note

A note upon the ritual of the Wine and Cakes. It is said that in olden days ale or mead was often used instead of wine. It is said that spirits or anything can be used, so long as it has life (i.e. has a kick).

All are brothers and sisters, for this reason; that even the High Priestess must submit to the scourge.

The only exception to the rule that a man only be initiated by a woman and a woman by a man, is that a mother may initiate her daughter and a father his son, because they are part of themselves.

A woman may impersonate either the God or the Goddess, but a man may only impersonate the God.

Ever remember, if tempted to admit or boast of belonging to the cult, you may be endangering your brothers and sisters. For though now the fires of persecution have died down, who knows when they may be revived.

Many priests have knowledge of our secrets and they full well know that much religious bigotry has died down or calmed down, that many people would wish to join our cult if the truth were known of its joys and the churches would lose power. So if we take many recruits we may loose the fires of persecution against us again. So ever keep the secrets.

Those taking part in a rite must know exactly what results they wish to attain and must keep all their minds firmly fixed on the desired result, without wavering.

Witches' Round

(Old Dance)

Nowadays used to raise the Cone of Power, this old dance may be used alone or in full coven. It is better if the Drawing Down of the Moon has gone before, for then the Gods shall fuse with the energies raised in the ecstasy of the dance and thereby accomplish your will.

All join hands to form a ring about the HPS. Heads turned left and eyes tightly shut, will a flowing river of power about the circle, moving from one through the next, from man to woman and woman to man, about the circle without beginning or end, gathering strength as it goes.

When the circle is set thus, in motionless intensity, the HPS begins to clap to the rhythm of the heart-beat. And upon this signal all open their eyes and step Widdershins; slowly at first but with a quickening step as the HPS quickens the beat of her clap, until three rounds are complete. And this must be accomplished smoothly and without awkwardness.

Now change direction and dance deosil to the Witches' Rune or some other tune; slowly at first, but faster and ever faster until, the Power being at its peak, the HPS shall release it crying: Down !, whereupon all shall fall to the ground to sit in a circle facing in. Thus also was the Cone of Power raised of yore.

Meeting Dance

The Maiden should lead. A man should place both hands on her waist, standing behind her, and alternate men and women do the same, the Maiden leading and they dance following her. She at last leads them into a right-hand spiral. When the center is reached (and this had better be marked by a stone) she suddenly turns round and dances back, kissing each man as she comes to him. All men and women turn likewise and dance back, men kissing women and women kissing men. All in time to music, it is a merry game, but must be practiced to be done well. Note, the musician should watch the dancers and make the music fast or slow as is best. For the beginners it should be slow, or there will be confusion. It is most excellent to get people to know each other at big gatherings.

Broom Song

Besom, besom long and lithe
made from ash and willow withe
Tied with thongs of willow bark
in running stream at moonset dark.
With a pentagram indighted
as the ritual fire is lighted;
Sweep ye circle, deosil,
Sweep out evil, sweep out ill,
Make the round of the ground
where we do the Lady's will.

Besom, besom, Lady's broom
Sweep out darkness, sweep out doom
Rid ye Lady's hallowed ground
Of demons, imps and Hell's red hound;
Then set ye down on Her green earth
By running stream or Mistress' hearth,
'Till called once more on Sabbath night

Invocation to the Horned God

Invocation to the Horned God

"By the flame that burneth bright,
O Horned One!
We call thy name into the night,
O Ancient One!
Thee we invoke by the Moon-led Sea,
by the standing stone and the twisted tree.
Thee we invoke, where gather Thine own.
By the nameless shore, forgotten and lone.
Come where the round of the dance is trod,
Horn and Hoof of the Goat Foot God!
By moonlit meadow, on dusky hill,
where the haunted wood is hushed and still,
come to the charm of the chanted prayer,
As the Moon bewitches the midnight air.
Evoke thy powers that potent bide
in shining stream and the secret tide,
in fiery flame by starlight pale,
in shadowy host that rides the gale.
And by the fern drakes, faerie haunted,
of forests wild and woods enchanted.
Come, O Come!
To the heartbeat's drum!
Come to us who gather below,
when the broad white Moon is climbing slowly.
Through the stars to the heavens' height,
we hear thy hoofs on the wind of night!
As black tree branches shake and sigh,
by joy and terror we know thee nigh.
We speak the spell thy power unlocks,
At Solstice Sabbath and Equinox!"

To Know To Will To Dare and To Be Silent

The Original Wizard & Paradox

 0°=0° Dominus Liminus

Epainos megalos theos Pan!

έπαινος μεγάλος θεός Πάν!

Praise Great God Pan! & Eris

Ancient Call

Ancient Call

May be used as a circle chant, or declaimed (generally by HP) generally either before the Great God Cernunnos Invocation, or before the Witches' Rune.

HP raises his arms wide and says:

HP: "Eko, Eko, Azarak (these three verses sometimes dropped)
Eko, Eko, Zamilak
Eko, Eko, Cernunnos,
Eko, Eko, Aradia

Eko, Eko, Azarak
Eko, Eko, Zamilak
Eko, Eko, Cernunnos,
Eko, Eko, Aradia

Eko, Eko, Azarak
Eko, Eko, Zamilak
Eko, Eko, Cernunnos,
Eko, Eko, Aradia

Bagabi laca bachabe
Lamac cahi achababe
Karelyos !
Lmaca lamac bachalyos
Cabahagi sabalyos
Baryolas !
Lagoz atha cabyolas
Samahac atha famyolas
Hurrahya !"

HPS and coven repeat "Hurrahya!"

Raising Magick

Raising Magick

Guidelines for Raising Magick

The [eight pointed asterisk] sign on the Athame is said to represent, among other things, the Eight Paths which all lead to the Centre and the Eight Ways of Making Magic, and these are:

1. Meditation or concentration.
2. Chants, Spells, Invocations. Invoking the Goddess, etc.
3. Projection of the Astral Body, or Trance.
4. Incense, Drugs, Wine, etc. any potion which aids to release the Spirit.
5. Dancing.
6. Blood control. Use of the Cords.
7. The Scourge.
8. The Great Rite.

You can combine many of the ways to produce more power.

To practice the Art successfully, you need the following five things:

1. Intention. You must have the absolute will to succeed, the firm belief that you can do so and the determination to win through against all obstacles.
2. Preparation. You must be properly prepared.
3. Invocation. The Mighty Ones must be invoked.
4. Consecration. The Circle must be properly cast and consecrated and you must have properly consecrated tools.
5. Purification. You must be purified.

Hence there are 5 things necessary before you can start, and then 8 Paths or Ways leading to the Centre. For instance, you can combine 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 together in one rite; for 4, 6 and 7 together with 1 and 2, or with 3 perhaps. The more ways you can combine, the more power you produce.

It is not meet to make offering of less than two score lashes to the Goddess, for here be a mystery. The fortunate numbers be 3, 7, 9 and thrice 7 which be 21. And these numbers total two score, so a less perfect or fortunate number would not be a perfect prayer. Also the Fivefold Salute be 5, yet it be 8 kisses; for there be 2 feet, 2 knees and 2 breasts. And five times 8 be two score. Also there be 8 Working Tools and the Pentacle be 5; and five eights be two score.

(Note: 8 plus 5 equals 13. 8 multiplied by 5 equals 40.)

Perparation for Initiation

Preparation for Ritual

Naked, but sandals (not shoes) may be worn). For initiation, tie hands behind back, pull up to small of back and tie ends in front of throat, leaving a cable-tow to lead by, hanging down in front. (Arms thus form a triangle at back.) When initiate is kneeling at altar, the cable-tow is tied to a ring in the altar. A short cord is tied like a garter round the initiate's left leg above the knee, with ends tucked in. Another is tied round right ankle and ends tucked in so as to be out of the way while moving about.

 These cords are used to tie feet together while initiate is kneeling at the altar and must be long enough to do this firmly. Knees must also be firmly tied. This must be carefully done. If the aspirant complains of pain the bonds must be loosened slightly; always remember the object being to retard the blood flow enough to induce a trance state. This involves slight discomfort; but great discomfort prevents the trance state, so it is best to spend some little time loosening and tightening the bonds until they are just right. The aspirant alone can tell you when this is so. This, of course, does not apply to the initiation, as thenno trance is desired; but for the purpose of ritual it is good that the initiates be bound firmly enough to feel they are absolutely helpless but without discomfort.

The Measure (in the First Degree) is taken thus: Height, round neck, across theheart and across the genitals. The old custom is, if anyone were guilty of betraying the secrets, their measure was buried at midnight in a boggy place,with curses that "as the measure rots, so they will rot."

Ritual Anointing Ointment

Take a glazed pan half full of grease or olive oil. Put in sweet mint leaves bruised. Place pan in hot water bath. Stir occasionally. After four or fivehours pour into linen bag and squeeze grease through into pot again and fillwith fresh leaves. Repeat until grease is strongly scented. Do same with marjoram, thyme and pounded dried patchouli leaves, an you may have them (for they be best of all). When strongly scented, mix all the greases together and keep in a well-stoppered jar.

Anoint behind ears, throat, breasts and womb. In rites where "Blessed be..." may be said, anoint knees and feet, as also for rites connected with journeys or war.

Cone of Power

Cone of Power One

HP leads a ring dance deosil about HPS who stands in the centre.

Coveners are arranged man and woman alternatively, facing inwards and holding hands (left palms up, right palms down). all dance and chant either the Witches' Rune or the call of the ancient Mysteries:

All: "Eo, Evohe !"
Dance and chant faster and faster until HPS senses that the time is right, whereupon she calls:
HPS: "Down !"
All shall drop to the ground in a circle facing the HPS. If there is coven work to be done, now is the appropriate time to do it. Or a meditation upon the Moon's season, or such other matter as may be fitting or needful. At an esbatWine and Cakes will follow, but at a Sabbat the Great Rite comes first.

Cone of Power Two

This was the old way. The circle was marked out and people stationed to whip up the dancers. A fire of candle was within it in the direction where the objectof the rite was supposed to be. Then all danced round until they felt they hadraised enough power. If the rite was to banish they started deosil and finishedtuathil, so many rounds of each. Then they formed a line with linked hands andrushed toward the fire shouting the thing they wanted. They kept it up 'till they were exhausted or until someone fell in a faint, when they were said to have taken the spell to its destination.

- Doreen Valiente gives just about the same text in "The Rebirth ofWitchcraft", describing it as notes she made from Gerald Gardner'sdescription of the ritual used to deter Hitler from invading Great Britain.

Blessing the Cake and Wine

Cake Blessing

To consecrate cakes, HPS picks up Athame again as HP kneels before her, holding up the dish of cakes. HPS draws invoking pentagram of earth over the cakes saying:

HPS: "O Queen, most secret, bless this food unto our bodies;
bestowing health, wealth, strength, joy and peace,
and that fulfillment of love which is perfect happiness."

All sit as the cakes are passed around as was the wine.

HP refills cup and offers it to HPS, inviting her to join them.
When done relaxing and chatting, close the Circle.

Wine (Ale) Blessing

Follows: working part of Esbat Circle(any worship Circle)
HPS stands in God position before altar. HP fills a Chalice with red wine and offers it up to her from his knees.
HPS takes Athame between her palms and holds it above the Chalice.
HP: "As the Athame is to the male,
HPS: "so the cup is to the female;" [plunges Athame into Chalice]
Both: "and conjoined they bring blessedness."
Laying Athame aside, HPS accepts cup of HP (kiss), sips and returns it to him(kiss) who also sips and arises to pass it to a woman (kiss) to sip and hence from woman to man (kiss) and man to woman (kiss) about the Circle.
If more work is to be done, the cup makes the round but once and is returned to the altar, else it is replaced in the centre of the Circle.

Elements Very Basic Correspondences

Element of Air Correspondences

Astrological Rulers: Jupiter, Mercury
Keys: Life principle, Intellect, Raphael (instructor, traveler, healer)
Rules: mind, essential qualities, spiritual plane, knowledge, abstractlearning, theories, windy or high places, breath, speech, Phlegmatic; Thinking;weak inhibitory
Virtues: gregarious, diligent, optimistic, dexterity, joie-de-vivre,persuasive, friendly, healthy, knowledgeable
Vices: frivolity. boasting, absent mindedness, rootless, easily distracted,loquacious, tends to intellectualise emotions (rather than experience them)
Spring & sunrise
East, Eurus
Colours: yellow
Symbols: topaz, galbanum, aspen, frankincense, vervain, birds, eagle & hawk
Tools: swords, censer (blades stabs air and conveys message Outer to Inner)
Spirits: sylphs under Paralda (very hard to see and know, teach mind control and how to level out your thinking processes)
Shortage: mind blank, shortness of breath, non-comprehension of known data
Excess: "gas bloat", inability to focus attention, "spacey"thoughts.

Element of Earth Correspondences
Astrological Rulers: Venus, Saturn
Keys: Law Principle, Solidity, Auriel ("Lord of Awe")
Rules: birth & death, body, growth, nature, stones & metals, materialthings, caves, chasms, silence, graves, fields, Sanguine; Sensation; calm,imperturbable
Virtues: strength, endurance, commitment, responsibility, thoroughness,practicality, wisdom, patience, sense of timing
Vices: dullness, lack of conscience, melancholy, boredom, inertia, stagnation,hoarding of resources (including information)
Yule and midnight
North, Boreas
Colours: green
Symbols: oaks, rock crystal, salt, bull or cow, stag, grains, comfrey, ivy
Tools: pentacle, altar stone (body of Anima Mundi)
Spirits: gnomes under God (friendly & easy to reach, teach access to owndepths and caverns & how to mind & work the vein of gold therein)
Shortage: hyper-activity, instability
Excess: body heaviness, general lack of energy, inertia, etc.

Element of Fire Correspondences
Astrological Rulers: Sun, Mars, Jupiter
Keys: Light Principle, Action, Michael (victor over ignorance)
Rules: force, energy, spirit, heat, mental plane, blood, sap, life, will,surgery, destruction, purification, hearth fires, volcanoes, explosions,Choleric; Intuitive; lively
Virtues: courage, self-assertive, chivalrous, enthusiastic, passionate,experienced, virile
Vices: self-centered, ruthless, fanaticism, vindictiveness, anger, hatred
Midsummer & noon
South, Notus
Colours: red
Symbols: fire opal, almond (in flower), garlic, hibiscus, pepper, olibanum
Tools: Wand
Spirits: salamanders under Djinn (elusive & hostile, teach power over fire and energy)
Shortage: body heavy or chilled, thoughts slow, unenthusiastic
Excess: hot, hyper, flitting thoughts, insomnia, anger, snappishness

Element of Water Correspondences
Astrological Rulers: Venus, Moon
Keys: Love Principle, Fertility, Gabriel (turns force into form)
Rules: emotions, love, sorrow, courage, astral planes, clairvoyance, tides,oceans, pools, streams, wells, womb, Melancholic; Feeling; strong, excitatory
Virtues: compassion, tranquility, tenderness, forgiveness, modesty, fluidity i creativity,receptivity, influence
Vices: self indulgence, negligence, cowardice, indifference, instability,moodiness, infatuation, easily put upon delusions
Autumn & sunset
West, Zephyrus
Colours: blue
Symbols: willow, dolphin, fish, water snakes, sea birds, myrrh, ferns, rushes
Tools: cup
Spirits: undines under Neksa (elusive at first, flowing & difficult t ounderstand, watch politely and learn)
Shortage: deep body dryness, hotness, mind & body feel separated, noempathy
Excess: body puffiness, sinus (etc.) flows, mood swings,"touchiness", apathy

The Great Rite

The Great Rite

Assist me to build
As the Mighty Ones willed
An altar of praise
From beginning of days.
Thus doth it lie
'Twixt the points of the sky
For thus was it place
When the Goddess embraced
The Horned One, her Lord,
Who taught her the Word
That quickened the womb
And conquered the tomb.
Be thus as of yore,
The shrine we adore, [kiss]
The feast without fail,
The life-giving Grail. [kiss]
Before it up rear
The Miraculous Spear [touches own phallus]
And invoke in this sign
The Goddess divine! [kiss]
Thou who at noon of night doth reign
Queen of the starry realms above,
Not unto thee may we attain
Unless thine image be of love. [kiss]
By moon-ray's silver shaft of power,
By green leaf breaking from the bud,
By seed that springs into flower,
By life that coursed in the blood, [kiss]
By rushing wind and leaping dire,
By flowing water and green earth,
Pour us the wine of our desire
From out thy Cauldron of Rebirth. [kiss]
Here may we see in vision clear
Thy secret strange unveiled at length,
Thy wondrous Twin Pillars rear
Erect in beauty and in strength. [kiss on the breasts]
Altar of mysteries manifold,
The Sacred Circle's central point
Thus do I sign thee as of old;
With kisses of my lips anoint. [kisses of the Third Degree Sigil]
Open for me the secret way,
The pathway of intelligence
beyond the gates of night and day,
Beyond the bounds of time and sense.
Behold the Mystery aright;
The five true points of fellowship,
Here where the Lance and Grail unite,
And feet and knees and breast and lip.

Drawing Down The Moon

Drawing Down The Moon


* Wand
* Scourge
* Priestess' Athame
* Priest
* Priestess
* Casting Circle
* Witches' Rune
* Next: The Charge

HPS stands in God position in N. before altar, holding scourge and Athame.Coveners are in S. facing altar.
HP kneels before HPS and salutes her with the Fivefold kiss (as he kisses her womb, she opens into blessing position).
HP again kneels before HPS who stands in Goddess position (right foot slightly forward). HP invokes the Goddess, saying:

HP: "I invoke thee and call upon thee,
Mighty Mother of us all, [touch right breast]
bringer of all fruitfulness; [touch left breast]
by seed and root, [touch womb]
by stem and bud, [touch right breast]
by leaf and flower and fruit, [touch left breast]
by life and love [touch womb]
do I invoke [raising wand]
thee to descend upon the body
of this thy servant and priestess.
Here, speak with her tongue,
touch with her hands,
kiss with her lips,
that thy servants may be fulfilled."
As he invokes, HP touches HPS gently with wand upon r. breast, l. breast, woman and upon the same three places again.
As he finishes the invocation, he spreads his arms in adoration (still kneeling) and says:
HP: "Hail, Aradia! From the Amalthean Horn
Pour forth thy store of love; I lowly bend
Before thee, I adore thee to the end,
With loving sacrifice thy shrine adorn.
Thy foot is to my lip [kiss], my prayers upborne
Upon the rising incense smoke; then spend
Thine ancient love, O Mighty One, descend
To aid me, who without thee am forlorn."
HP stand and takes a step back. All adore in silence as HPS traces invokingEarth pentagram in air before them with Athame, saying:
HPS: "Of the Mother, darksome and divine,
Mine the scourge, and mine the kiss,
The five-point star of love and bliss -
Here I charge you, in this sign."

This completes Drawing Down The Moon. HPS and HP now face the Coven and deliver the Charge

ESBAT Full Moon Ritual

ESBAT Full Moon Ritual

Everything needed to cast a Circle
Priestess' Athame
Here is the sequence of modules in a standard Esbat ritual:
* Cast Circle
* (optional; rare) declaim Ancient Call
* Drawing Down The Moon
* Charge
* (optional; rare) HP declaims Ancient Call
* Great God Cernunnos Invocation (generally omitted if Drawing Down the Sun)
* Witches' Rune (or other circle chant, e.g. Ancient Call)
* Cone of Power
--- insert optional Circle work here (e.g. Sabbat ritual) ---
* Wine Blessing
* Cake Blessing
--- Relax and chat, Coven business discussion, teaching, etc. ---
* Close Circle

Magickal Tools Weapons of the Craft

Consecrating Other Working Tools

Place tool on pentacle, and lay right hand(s) on it, saying:
"Aradia and Cernunnos, deign to bless and to consecrate this White-Hilted knife (or whatever) that it may obtain the necessary virtue through you for allacts of love and beauty."

Magus sprinkles, Witch censes. Then say:

"Aradia and Cernunnos, bless this instrument prepared in yourhonour." (if Scourge or Cords, add "... that it may serve for a goodcause and end and for your glory.")

Again Magus sprinkles and Witch censes. (Hand tool to new owner as you would asword or Athame, with a Fivefold Salute.)

All these weapons should be presented to the new owner with Salute. If a WitchQueen, the downward pointing triangle as in the First Degree Initiation. End ceremony with Fivefold Salute. The new owner should immediately use the new instruments, i.e. form Circle with Sword, then Athame, incise something withWhite-Handled knife, exhibit Pentacle to Four Quarters, cense to Four Quarters,use Cords and Scourge; and should continue to use all of them in a Circle as often as possible, for some time.

To mark out a new Circle, stick sword or Athame in ground, make a loop in cord,and slip over; then, using cord, mark out a circle, and later mark it with apoint of sword or Athame. Always renew the Circle with sword or Athame whenabout to use, but have it marked so that you always retrace it in same place. Remember the Circle is a protection, a guard against evil influences, and to prevent power created from dispersing; but the Witch, not being evil, may enterand leave freely. But in Art Magic, it is a barrier against forces raised, andwhen once in the Magus may not leave without great danger. If any great danger is manifested it would be advisable to take refuge in the Circle; but ordinarily sword or Athame in hand is perfect protection against anything. Those who make these tools must be purified, clean and properly prepared. When not in use, all tools and weapons should be put away in a secret place; and itis good that this should be near your sleeping place, and that you handle them each night before retiring.

The Working Tools

There are sometimes magical supply shops, so unless you are lucky enough to begiven or sold tools, a poor witch must extemporise. But when made you should beable to borrow or obtain an Athame. So having made your circle, erect an altar.Any small table or chest will do. There must be fire on it (a candle will suffice), and your book. For good results incense is best if you can get it,but coals in a chafing dish burning sweet-smelling herbs will do. A cup if youwould have cakes and wine and a platter with the deigns drawn into same in ink,showing a pentacle. A scourge is easily made (note, the scourge has eight tailsand five knots in each tail). Get a white-hilted knife and a wand (a sword is not necessary). Cut the marks with Athame. Purify everything, then consecrate your tools in proper form and ever be properly prepared. But ever remember, magical operations are useless unless the mind can be brought to the properattitude, keyed to the utmost pitch.

Affirmations must be made clearly and the mind should be inflamed with desire.With this frenzy of will you may do as much with simple tools as with the most complete set. But good and especially ancient tools have their own aura. They do help to bring about that reverential spirit, the desire to learn and developyour powers. For this reason witches ever try to obtain tools from sorcerers,who being skilled men make good tools and consecrate them well, giving them mighty power. But a great witch's tools also gain much power; and you should ever strive to make any tools you manufacture of the finest materials you can obtain, to the end that they may absorb your power the more easily. And of course, if you may inherit or obtain another witch's tools, power will flow from them.

Making Tools

It is an old belief that the best substances for making tools are those tha tonce had life in them, as opposed to artificial substances. Thus, wood or ivory is better for a wand than metal, which is more appropriate for swords orknives. Virgin parchment is better than manufactured paper for talismans, etc. And things which have been made by hand are good, because there is life in them.

Athame & Sword

Consecrating an Athame or Sword

Lay Athame (or sword) on pentacle preferably by and touching another consecrated weapon. The man asperges them with consecrated salt and water, whereupon the woman picks up the weapon to be consecrated and passes itthrough the incense smoke and replaces it on the pentacle. Both lay their right hands upon the weapon and press down, saying:

Both: "I conjure thee, O Athame (Sword), by these names, Abrahach, Abrach,Abracadabra, that thou serves me for a strength and d efense in all magical operations against all mine enemies, visible and invisible. I conjure thee anew by the Holy Name Aradia and by the Holy Name Cernunnos; I conjure thee, O Athame (Sword), that thou serves me for a protection in all adversities; so aid me now!"
Again the man asperges, and the woman censes, and the weapon is returned to the pentacle, saying:

Both: "I conjure thee, O Athame (Sword) of Steel, by the Great Gods and Gentle Goddesses, by the virtue of the heavens, of the stars and of the spirits who preside over them, that thou mayest receive such virtue that I may obtain the end I desire in all things wherein I shall use thee, by the power of Aradiaand Cernunnos."

The Partner gives the Fivefold kiss unto the owner of the weapon. If the owneris not present, or if the weapon is jointly owned by them both, the man willgive the Fivefold Kiss to the woman. For the final kiss upon the mouth, theweapon is suspended between their breasts, held there by the pressure of theirembrace. As they separate, the owner of the weapon immediately uses it torecast the Circle, but without words.

Notes: If possible, lay sword with an already consecrated sword or Athame. I tshould, if possible, be consecrated by both a man and a woman, both of whom are initiated, and both naked as drawn swords. During consecration, press down on sword/Athame hard with consecrated sword/Athame. If possible, partake of Cake sand Wine first, then Magus should sprinkle with water, Witch should cense in First Conjuration, then sprinkle and cense and conjure again with Second Conjuration. If true sword and Athame are available, a sword and Athame can be consecrated at the same time in which case Magus should press with sword on sword, and Witch with Athame on Athame, and new sword and Athame should touch .In any case, when finished the weapon should be handed to new owner with Fivefold Salute, and should be pressed against the body for a time to get the aura; and it should be in as close connection as possible to the naked body forat least a month, i.e. kept under pillow, etc. Do not allow anyone to touch or handle any of your tools until thoroughly impregnated with your aura; say six months or as near as possible. But a pair working together may own the same tools,which will be impregnated with the aura of both.

Yule & Winter Solstice

Yule Ritual

(Northern Hemisphere: ~ December 22nd; Southern Hemisphere: ~ June 21st)


Let all be properly prepared and purified.
In the centre (or just south of the centre) of the Circle stands the Cauldron of Cerridwen wreathed about with pine boughs, holly, ivy and mistletoe and therein is laid a balefire of nine woods: rowan, apple, elder, holly, pine,cedar, juniper, poplar and dogwood.
The altar is decorated as is the Cauldron and bears two red candles as well asan unlit red candle or torch for each covener present. There should be no otherlight except the altar candles and those about the Circle.

HP casts the Circle, calling forth the Ancient Ones to bear witness.
HP draws down the moon upon the HPS and then lights the balefire.
HP then moves to the north, before the altar, as the HPS stands in the south with the coveners in a circle, alternately man and woman, about the Cauldronbetween them.
The Circle now moves slowly deosil once about the Circle. As each passes the HPS they kiss her upon the cheek; as they pass the HP, he hands each one acandle which is lit from the balefire.
Coveners dance slowly deosil as the HP calls:

HP: "Queen of the Moon, Queen of the Sun,
Queen of the Heavens, Queen of the Stars,
Queen of the Waters, Queen of the Earth,
Bring to us the Child of Promise!
It is the Great Mother who gives birth to Him;
It is the Lord of Life who is born again.
Darkness and tears are set aside when the Sun shall come up early.
Golden Sun of hill and mountain,
Illumine the land, illumine the world,
Illumine the seas, illumine the rivers,
Sorrows be laid, joy to the world!
Blessed be the Great Goddess,
Without beginning, without ending,
Everlasting to eternity.
Io Evoe! Heh! Blessed be!"

All raise their tapers high and repeat twice the last line.

HPS joins the dance, leading it with a quieter rhythm.
The burning cauldron is pushed into the centre and the dancers jump over it inman and woman couples. The last couple over the fire should be well purified,three times each, and may pay an amusing forfeit as the HPS may ordain.

Cakes and wine follows and, after the Circle has been closed, much merriment, feasting,dancing and games


Samhain Ritual

(Northern Hemisphere: October 31st; Southern Hemisphere: April 30th)


Balefire in centre
Two black candles upon the altar
A red candle in each of the Quarters
A wreath of autumn flowers and the crown of the Horned One are upon the altar.
All Coveners are properly prepared, naked and bound.
All are purified by the scourge.

HPS erects the Circle. The HP says:
HP: "Oh Gods, beloved of us all,
bless this our Sabbat that we,
thy humble worshippers,
may meet in love, joy and bliss.
Bless our rites this night
with the presence of our departed kin

Facing north with arms upraised, coveners hand-linked in a semicircle behind him, the HP invokes the Horned One.

HPS bearing a priapus wand then leads the Coven in a meeting dance, slowly, to the Witches' Rune. HP gives each an unlit candle and brings up the rear of thedance. The candles are each lit from the balefire before the outward spiral.
When it is done, the HPS assumes the Goddess position saying:

HPS: "Dread Lord of the Shadows, God of Life and Bringer of Death !
Yet as the knowledge of thee is death, open wide, I pray thee, the gates through which all must pass.
Let our dear ones, who have gone before, return this night to make merry with us.
And when our time comes, as it must, O thou the Comforter, the Consoler, theGiver of Peace and rest, we will enter they realms gladly and unafraid; for we know that when rested and refreshed among our dear ones, we will be reborn again by thy grace, and the grace of the Lady Cerridwen.
Let it be in the same place and the same time as our beloved ones, and may wemeet, and know,
and remember, and love them again ! Descend, we pray thee, on thy High Priestand Servant, N..."

HPS goes to the HP and, with wand, draws the five-point star upon his breast and upon the crown of the Horned God. HP kneels and HPS places the crown uponhis head. Fresh incense is cast into the crucible. HPS strikes the bell and HPsays:
HP: "Here ye my witches,
Welcome to our Great Sabbat.
Welcome we the spirits
Of our departed kin."

HPS strikes bell. Witches walk slowly around the Circle.
HPS fills chalice with wine and hands it to HP who drinks and then says:
HP: "In humility, as the Horned One asks,
I beg my witches drink."
HP takes chalice to first witch, giving it with his right hand whilst takingthe taper with his left (kiss), then extinguishing the taper before acceptingback the chalice. Repeat with each witch present. HP then says:
HP: "Listen, my witches, to the words of the Horned One,
Drink, dance and be merry in the presence of
the Old Gods and the spirits of our departed kin."
Coveners partake of cakes and wine.
Dances and games follow closing of Circle.
Great Rite, if at all possible, by High Priestess and High Priest if no other.
Merry meet, merry part.


Mabon Ritual (Autumn Equinox)

(Northern Hemisphere: September 21st; Southern Hemisphere: March 21st)

The altar is decorated with the symbols of autumn: pinecones, oak sprigs ,acorns, ears of grain, etc.
After the Circle has been cast, the coven stands in a ring facing inwards, men and women alternately. The High Priest stands to the west of the altar and the High Priestess to the east, facing each other.

The High Priestess recites:

HPS: "Farewell, O Sun, ever-returning Light,
The hidden God, who ever yet remains,
Who now departs into the Land of Youth
Through the Gates of Death
To dwell enthroned, the Judge of Gods and men,
The horned leader of the hosts of air -
Yet even as he stands unseen about the Circle,
So dwelled he within the secret seed -
The seed of newly-ripened grain, the seed of flesh;
Hidden in earth, the marvelous seed of the starts.
In him is Life, and Life is the Light of man.
That which never was born, and never dies.
Therefore the wise weep not, but rejoice."

HPS hands HP the wand, and picks up a sistrum; they lead the dance three timesaround the altar.
The Candle Game is played, followed by cakes and wine and any other games theHigh Priestess decides on.

The Candle Game

The men form a ring facing inwards, either sitting or standing. The women standin a ring outside them, standing on something if too short. The men pass alighted candle from hand to hand, deosil, while the women lean forward and tryto blow it out.
The man who holds it when it is blown out gets three flicks of the scourge fromthe successful blower, and must give her the Fivefold Kiss in return. Thecandle is relit and the game proceeds.


Lughnasadh (Lammas) Ritual

(Northern Hemisphere: August 2nd; Southern Hemisphere: February 2nd)

Poles should be ridden in a ring dance about the Coven stead.
And sing the Ancient Call. The casting of the Circle follows.
HPS traces the Five Point Star before the Coven, saying:
HPS:"O Mighty Mother of us all, Mother of all things living,
give us fruit and grain, flocks and herds and children
to the tribe, that we may be mighty. By thy Rosy Love, do thou descend upon thy servant and priestess here."
HPS draws down the Moon upon herself and all salute Her.
After a brief silence for contemplation, the Ceremony of Cakes and Winefollows.


Summer Solstice (Midsummer) Ritual

(Northern Hemisphere: ~ June 21st; Southern Hemisphere: ~ December 22nd)

The cauldron, filled with water and decorated with flowers, is placed before the altar. HPS casts the Circle and then stands before the Cauldron, wandupraised. HP stands in North behind the altar; coven is in a circle, facinginwards, alternately man and woman.

HPS says:
HPS: "Great One of Heaven, Power of the Sun,
We invoke thee in thy ancient names -
Michael, Baalin, Arthur, Lugh, Herne;
Come again as of old into this thy land.
Lift up thy shining spear of light to protect us.
Put to flight the powers of darkness.
Give us fair woodlands and green fields,
Blooming orchards and ripening corn.
Bring us to stand upon thy hill of vision,
And show us the lovely realms of the Gods."
HPS traces an invoking pentagram upon the HP with her wand. He comes deosilabout the altar, picking up his own wand and the scourge. He plunges the wandinto the cauldron and holds it up, saying:

HP: "The Spear to the Cauldron, the Lance to the Grail,
Spirit to Flesh, Man to Woman, Sun to Earth."
Saluting HPS with wand, he joins the Coven in their circle. HPS picks up asprinkler and stands by the cauldron, saying:

HPS: "Dance ye about the Cauldron of Cerridwen, the Goddess, and be yeblessed with the touch of this Consecrated water; even as the Sun, the Lord ofLife, arises in his strength in the sign of the Waters of Life."
HP leads a slow circle dance deosil about the Cauldron. As each passes, HPSsprinkles them with water from it.
Cakes and wine follow and dances, rites and games as the HPS shall direct. Abalefire may be lit and leaped.

Beltane Ritual

Beltane Ritual

(Northern Hemisphere: May 1st; Southern Hemisphere: October 31st)

Two white candles are on the altar with a wreath of spring flowers.
Quarter candles are green.

HPS leads the coven, riding poles if possible, about the Coven stead with aquick, trotting step, singing:
All: "O do not tell the priests of our Art,
For they would call it sin;
But we will be in the woods all night,
A-conjuring summer in.
And we bring you good news by word of mouth,
For women, cattle and corn,
For the sun is coming up from the south
With oak and ash and thorn."
A ring dance follows after which the HPS casts the Circle.
HP draws down the Moon upon the HPS.
All are purified in sacrifice before Her.
She then purifies the HP at her own hands.
All partake of Cakes and Wine, followed by feasting and dancing and singing,and the Great Rite, if at all possible, in token or truly.


Vernal Equinox

Eostre Ritual (Vernal Equinox, Ostara/Eastara)

(Northern Hemisphere: ~ March 21st; Southern Hemisphere: ~ September 21st)

A Symbol of the Wheel is on the altar, flanked with burning candles, or with fire in come form - torches, or small tripods with fire in their cups.
The Symbol of the Wheel may be a plain disc, or an eight spoked wheel, or the pentacle. Alex and Maxine Sanders used a circular mirror with a broad frame, also circular, decorated as a twelve-pointed star.
In the centre of the Circle is either a cauldron full of inflammable material,or (out of doors) a bonfire ready to be lit.
HPS casts the Circle.
HPS then stands in the West, and the HP in the East, both with carrying wands.
HPS: "We kindle this fire today
In the presence of the Holy Ones,
Without malice, without jealousy, without envy,
Without fear of aught beneath the Sun
But the High Gods.
Thee we invoke, O Light of Life;
Be thou a bright flame before us,
Be thou a guiding star above us,
Be thou a smooth path beneath us;
Kindle thou within out hearts
A flame of love for our neighbors,
To out foes, to our friends, to our kindred all,
To all men on the broad earth;
O merciful Son of Cerridwen,
From the lowliest thing that lives’,
To the Name which is highest of all."

HPS then draws invoking pentagram before the HP and then hands the Wand to him,together with the scourge.
The Maiden strikes a light and hands it to the High Priest, who lights thecauldron or bonfire. He (carrying a wand) and the High Priestess (carrying asistrum) lead the dance, with the rest following in couples. Each couple mustleap over the fire. The last couple over the fire before it goes out must be well purified. The man must then give a fivefold kiss to each of the women, asthe women to the men, or any other penalty the HPS shall decide.

Cakes and wine shall follow.



Candlemas Ritual

(Northern Hemisphere: February 2nd; Southern Hemisphere: August 2nd)

The HPS, carrying the Wand, leads the coveners with a dance step to the chosen site.
The Volta Dance follows; in other words, lively dancing in couples.
HPS casts the Circle in the usual way.
HP then enters the Circle, with a Sword in his right hand and a Wand in his left. He lays these on the altar.
HP now salutes the HPS with the Fivefold Kiss.
She says 'Blessed Be' and gives him the Fivefold Kiss in return.
HP assumes the God position before the altar as the HPS invokes:
HPS: "Dread Lord of Death and Resurrection,
Of Life, and the Giver of Life;
Lord within ourselves, whose name is Mystery of Mysteries;
Encourage our hearts,
Let the Light crystallise itself in our blood,
Fulfilling us of resurrection;
For there is no part of us that is not of the Gods.
Descend, we pray thee, upon thy servant and priest."

Any initiations to be done are done at this point.
The ceremony of Cakes and Wine follows.
The Great Rite is done if at all possible.
Feasting, dancing and games follow the closing of the ritual

For the Initiate

For the Initiate

O Thou who hast declared intent to become one of us,
hear then that which thou must know to do:
Single is the race, single of men and of Gods,
from a single source we both draw breath
but a difference of power in everything keeps us apart
for we are as nothing by the Gods stay forever.

Yet we can, in greatness of minds,
be like the Gods.

Though we know not what goal by day or in the night,
Fate has written that we shall run beyond all seas,
and earth's last boundaries.

Beyond the Spring of night and the Heaven's vast expanse
there lies a majesty which is the domain of the Gods.

Those who would pass through the Gates of Night and Day to that sweet place,
which is between the world of men and the domains of the Lords of the OuterSpaces,
know that unless there is truth in thy heart,
thy every effort is doomed to failure.

That thou love all things in nature.
That thou walk humbly in the ways of men and the ways of the Gods.

Also it is the law that contentment thou shall learn, through suffering,
and from long years, and from nobility of mind and of purpose.

Their minds are nourished by living the daylight of the Gods
and if among the vulgar some discoveries should arise
concerning some maxims of thy belief in the Gods so do thou, for the most part,keep silent.

For there is a great risk of those who straightaway vomit up that which theyhast not digested.
And when someone shall say to thee, thou knows naught and it bites thee naught,
then knows thou that thou hast begun the work.

And as sheep do not bring their food to the shepherd to show how much they have eaten
but digesting inwardly their provender do bear outwardly wool and milk,
even so, do not display the maxims to the vulgar,
but rather the works that flow when they are digested.

Third Degree Initiation

Third Degree Initiation

HPS sit upon the altar, facing South, in the Osiris position. (See diagram for the correct god forms below Osiris in the X of the LVX), HP kneelsbefore her, kisses both knees, extends arms along thighs, and adores. HP then fetches filled chalice and celebrates Wine and Cakes. HP again kneels before HPS, kisses knees and extends arms in adoration as before. Both rise.
HP: 'Ere I proceed with this sublime rite, I must beg purification at thy hands.'
HPS takes up a red cord and binds his arms, then taking up the cable-tow, leads him once about the Circle.
HP kneels facing altar

HP rises and is unbound whereupon he binds HPS as she bound him, leads herabout the Circle and scourges her as she kneels before the altar.

HPS rises and HP takes her by the cable-tow to each Quarter in turn, saying:
HP: 'Here ye, Mighty Ones of the East [South/West/North]: the twice consecrated and holy N..., High Priestess and Witch Queen [High Priest and Magus], is properly prepared, and will now proceed to erect the Sacred Altar.'
HP unties HPS and says:
HP: 'Now again I must beg purification'

HPS binds him, leads him about the Circle and scourges him kneeling before the altar, as before.
He stands and is unbound and says:
HP: 'Now I must reveal a great mystery.'
HPS stands before altar in God position.
HP gives her Fivefold Salute [After he kisses feet, HPS opens into Goddess position, still holding scourge and Athame].
HPS then sets scourge and Athame aside and lives in the middle of the Circle with her head to the East and her womb in the shekinah point. HP kneels beside her facing North. [At each point marked (s) below he kisses her womb unless instructed otherwise]. HP says:
HP: 'Assist me to erect the ancient altar,
At which in days past all worshipped,
The Great Altar of all things;
For in old times, Woman was the altar.
Thus was the altar made and placed;
And the sacred point was the point within the centre of the Circle.
As we have of old been taught that the point within the centre
is the origin of all things,
Therefore should we adore it. [S]
Therefore whom we adore we also invoke,
by power of the Lifted Lance. [touch phallus]
O Circle of Stars [S]
Whereof our father is but the young brother [S]
Marvel beyond imagination, soul of infinite space,
Before whom time is bewildered and understanding dark,
Not unto thee may we attain unless thine image be love. [S]
There by seed and root, by stem and bud,
by leaf and flower and fruit, Do we invoke thee,
O Queen of Space, O dew of light,
Continuous one of the heavens [S]
Let it be ever thus, that men speak not of thee as one, but as none;
And let them not speak of thee at all, since thou art continuous.
For thou art the point within the circle [S]
which we adore, [S]
The fount of life without which we would not be, [S]
And in this way are erected the Holy Twin Pillars. [kiss breasts, left thenright]
In beauty and in strength were they erected,
To the wonder and glory of all men.'

[If the Great Rite is to be actual, non-participants leave, sealing gate behind.]
HP: 'O Secret of Secrets,
That art hidden in the being of all lives,
Not thee do we adore,
For that which adored is also thou.
Thou art That, and That am I. [S]
I am the flame that burns in the heart of every man,
And in the core of every star.
I am life, and the giver of life.
Yet therefore is the knowledge of me the knowledge of death.
I am alone, the Lord within ourselves,
Whose name is Mystery of Mysteries.'
HP now kisses HPS in the Sigil of the Third Degree
and then lays his body gently over hers, saying:
HP: 'Make open the path of intelligence between us;
For these truly are the Five Points of Fellowship -
Foot to foot,
knee to knee,
Lance to Grail,
breast to breast,
lips to lips.
By the great and holy name Cernunnos;
In the name of Aradia;
Encourage our hearts,
Let the light crystalise itself in our blood,
Fulfilling of us resurrection.
For there is no part of us that is not of the Gods.'
HP rises and goes to each Quarter in turn saying:
HP: 'Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the East [South/West/North];
the thrice consecrated High Priestess greets you and thanks you.'

Formula of LVX in Godform

The Sigil of the Third Degree

The badge of the Third Degree

Second Degree Initiation

Second Degree Initiation

HPS casts Circle as usual. Esbat rite is followed to end of Invocation of the Horned God.

Candidate, properly prepared (in centre of Circle), is bound and blindfolded, as in the First Degree, but with the addition of a blue cord bound about the knees. Hierophant leads Candidate to each: Quarter in turn, proclaiming:

H: 'Hear ye O Mighty Ones of the East [South/West/North], N..., a duly consecrated Priest[ess] and Witch is now properly prepared to be made a High Priest and Magus [High Priestess and Witch Queen].'

Candidate is returned to centre, facing altar. Coven links hands and thrice circle.

The Candidate is now assisted to kneel and rebound securely, facing altar.Hierophant says:
H: 'To attain to this sublime degree, it is necessary to suffer and bepurified. Art thou willing to suffer to learn?'
C: 'I am.'
H: 'I purify thee to take this great Oath rightly.'
The bell is run thrice and purification follows: 3, 7, 9, 21 (=40) strokes.Scourge and bell are returned to the altar as Hierophant says:
H: 'I now give thee a new name, N... What is thy name?' [giving light smack orpush]
C: 'My name is N...'

Each member of the Coven in turn gives Candidate a light swat or push, asking:
'What is thy name?'
Candidate responds to each with his/her new name. When all have put the question, all return to their places and H administers the Oath, saying:

H: 'Repeat thy new name after me: I, N...., swear upon my mother's womb, and by mine honour among men and my Brothers and Sisters of the Art, that I will never reveal, to any at all, any of the secrets of the Art, except it be to a worthyperson, properly prepared, in the centre of a Magic Circle such as I am now in; and that I will never deny the secrets to such a person, if he or she has been properly vouched for by a Brother or Sister of the Art. All this I swear by my hopes of salvation, my past lives and my hopes of future ones to come; and Idevote myself and my measure to utter destruction if I break this my solemn oath.'

Kneeling,  H places left hand under Candidate's knee and high hand upon his/herhead to form the Magickal Link and concentrates long enough to fully charge C,saying:
H: 'I will all my power into thee.'

The Candidate's knees and ankles are now unbound, and he/she is assisted to rise. H takes up oil and anoints C at pubes, right breast, left hip, right hip, leftbreast and above pubic hair again, saying:
H: 'I consecrate thee with oil.'

And again with wine, saying:
H: 'I consecrate thee with wine.'

And lastly kisses Candidate in the same pattern:
H: 'I consecrate thee with my lips, High Priest[ess] and Magus [WitchQueen]."
The blindfold and cable-tow are now removed and the Initiate is congratulated by coveners.
H takes up Magic Sword from altar, saying:
H: 'You will now show the use of each of the Working Tools in turn. First theMagic Sword.' (S)

(Initiate silently redraws Circle and returns Sword with an S)
H: 'Second the Athame' (S)

(Initiate again recasts Circle in silence. S)
H: 'Third, the White-Hilted Knife' (S)

(Initiate inscribes pentagram in new white candle. S)
H: 'Fourth, the Wand' (S)

(Initiate circumambulates presenting the Wand to each Quarter. S)
H: 'Fifth, the Cup' (S)

(Initiate consecrates wine; may be assisted by H. S)
H: 'Sixth, the Pentacle' (S)

(Initate consecrates cakes; may be assisted by H. S)
H: 'Seventh, the Cords' (S)

(Initiate, with help from Partner, binds H, as (s)he was bound to take this degree. S)
H: 'Eighth, the Scourge. For learn, in Witchcraft you must ever give as you receive, but ever triple. So where I have thee three, return nine; where I gave seven, return twenty-one; where I have thee nine, return twenty-seven; where I have thee twenty-one, return sixty-three.'

(Initiate gives 9, 21, 27, 63 = 120 strokes with Scourge)
H: 'Thou hast obeyed the Law. But mark well, when thou receives good, soequally art thou bound to return good threefold.'
H is unbound and assisted to rise, then leads Initiate to each Quarter in turn,saying:
H: 'Hear ye, Mighty Ones of the East [South/West/North]: N... has been duly consecrated High Priest[ess] and Magus [Witch Queen].'
H leads Initate back to centre of Circle, saying:
H: 'Having learned this far, you must know why the Wicca are called the HiddenChildren of the Goddess.'
Proceed with the Legend of the Descent of the Goddess. Generally Initiate and Hierophant act the appropriate parts. H appoints Narrator and Guardian.

The second degree is often badged by an inverted pentagram, this symbolises the Horned God and also the decent into the underworld.

First Degree Initiation

First Degree Initiation


* Hierophant (H) (Initiator)
* Candidate (C)
* Hierophant's Working Partner (P)
* Summoner (S) (Hierophant does his part if S unavailable)
* High Priestess (HPS) (actually H or P, depending on gender)


* blindfold
* nine foot red cord
* short white cord
* oil
* scourge
* all ordinary esbat requirements


C stands outside Circle to NE, blindfolded and bound by members of the oppositegender.
Wrists are bound together in back by middle of a nine-foot red cord, knotted infront at throat with ends hanging down front as cable-tow.

A short white cord is fastened to the right ankle with ends tucked in so as notto trip C up, saying:
"Feet neither bound nor free"
HPS casts Circle. Opening ritual is followed to the end of Drawing Down The Moon, but the Charge is not yet declaimed.

S fetches Sword (or Athame) from the altar, and opens a gate in NE.
S, H and P face C, and S issues the Challenge:

S: "O thou who stand on the threshold between the pleasant world of menand the dread domains of the Lords of the Outer Spaces, hast thou the courage to make the assay?"

Placing point of blade against C's heart, S continues:
S: "For I say verily, it were better to rush on my blade and perish, than make the attempt with fear in thy heart."
C: "I have two passwords; Perfect Love and Perfect Trust"
S: "All who have such are doubly welcome"

H: "I give thee a third to pass thee through this dread door."
H grasps C above waist with H's left arm, kisses C on the lips, and swings Cinto the Circle with H's body, from behind.

S (or P if no S) closes the gate.

H leads C to each Quarter in turn, saying:
H: "Take heed, ye Lords of the East (South/West/North) that N... is properly prepared to be initiated a priest[ess] and witch."
H leads C back to centre of Circle (via East) while coven dances around singing:
"Eko, eko Azrak, (etc)..."
...over and over, meanwhile pushing C back and forth among them, until H callsa halt.

P then rings bell three times as H turns to C to stand before the altar, withC's back to the altar (i.e. facing South if altar is in North).

H stands in centre of Circle, facing C (and altar). H says:
H: "In other religions, the postulant kneels, while the priest towersabove. But in the Art Magical we are taught to be humble, and we kneel towelcome her/him and we say:[kneels]
'Blessed be thy feet, which have brought thee in these ways;' [kiss right foot,then left foot]
'Blessed be thy knees, that shall kneel at the sacred altar;' [kiss right knee,then left knee]
'Blessed be thy womb/phallus, without which we would not be;' [kiss abovepubes]
'Blessed be thy breasts/breast, erected in beauty/formed in strength;' [kissright breast, then left breast]
'Blesses be thy lips, that shall utter the sacred names.' [kiss on lips][rises]
'Now we are going to take your measure.

H, aided by another witch of the same gender, stretches a button thread from the ground by C's foot to the crown of C's head and cuts it there with Athame or bolline.

Measure C once about the forehead with the cut thread and knot at the point o foverlap, again about the heart starting from the same end [knot], and lastlyabout the hips across the genitals knot]. The measure is wound and placed upon the altar.

H asks:
H: 'Before thou art sworn, art thou ready to pass the ordeal and be purified?'
C: 'I am.
H, aided by another witch of the same gender, helps C to kneel, head andshoulders bowed forward. The loose ends of the short cord are unwounded and C'sankles bound securely. The cable tow is fastened to the altar. H fetchesscourge from altar as P rings bell three times, saying:
P: 'Three'
H: scourges C firmly, but tenderly, thrice.
P says, but doesn't ring bell:
P: 'Seven...Nine...Twenty-one'

And each time H scourges C with the number of strokes P has names, and allshould be light, yet firm, save only the very last which may sting somewhat asa reminder that H has been deliberately restrained. H then says:
H: 'Bravely thou hast passed the test. Art thou ready to swear that thou wiltalways be true to the Art?'
C: 'I am.'
H: 'Art thou ever ready to help, protect and defend thy brothers and sisters ofthe Art, even though it should cost thee thy life?'
C: 'I am.'

H: 'Then say after me: I, N..., in the presence of the Mighty Ones, do of myown free will and accord, most solemnly swear, without any reservation in mewhatever, that I will ever keep a secret, and never reveal, the secrets of the Art, except it be to a proper person, properly prepared within a Circle such as I am now in. This I swear by my hopes of a future life, mindful that my measurehas been taken; and may my weapons turn against me if I break this my solemn oath.'
H and other witch of same gender help C to feet. P fetches anointing oil and chalice of wine. H moistens fingertip with oil saying:
H: 'I hereby sign thee with the Triple Sign. I consecrate thee with oil...'

H touches moistened finger to just above pubes, right breast, left breast, and above pubes again. H moistens fingertip with wine and anoints the same threeplaces, saying:
H: 'I consecrate thee with wine...'
H: 'I consecrate thee with my lips... [kiss as above]
Priest[ess] and witch.'

C is now unbound and the blindfold removed by H and assistant of same gender. The New Initiate is welcomed by coven, then presented with the Working Tools. As each tool is names, H takes it from the altar and passes it to the Initiate with a kiss. As each tool is finished with, the assistant takes it from the Initiate with a kiss and replaces it upon the altar.

H says:
H: 'Now I present to thee the Working Tools.

First, the Magic Sword. With this, as with the Athame, thou canst form all Magic Circles, dominate, subdue and punish all rebellious spirits and daemons,and even persuade angels and good spirits. With this in thy hand, thou artruler of the Circle.

Next I present the Athame. This is the true witch's weapon and has all thepowers of the Magic Sword.

Next I present the White-hilted knife. Its use it to form all instruments usedin the Art. It can only be used in a Magic Circle.

Next I present the Wand. Its use is to call up and control certain angels andgenii to whom it would not be meet to use the Magic Sword.

Next I present the Cup. This is the vessel of the Goddess, the Cauldron of Cerridwen, the Holy Grail of Immortality. From this we drink in comradeship,and in honour of the Goddess.

Next I present the Pentacle. This is for the purpose of calling up appropriatespirits.

Next I present the Scourge. This is the sign of power and domination. It is also used to cause purification and enlightenment. For it is written: "To learn you must suffer and be purified." Art thou willing to suffer tol earn?'
C: 'I am.'

H: 'Next and lastly I present the Cords. They are of use to bind the sigils of the Art; also the material basis; also they are necessary in the Oath.
I now salute thee in the name of Aradia, newly made priest[ess] and witch." [kiss]

H and P now face the new Initiate and deliver the Charge.

The Initiate may consecrate her/his Athame here; [s]he must consecrate itbefore using it.

Cakes and wine.

The Initiate is now presented to each Quarter in turn by the H, saying:
H: 'Hear ye Mighty Ones of the East [South/West/North]; N... has been consecrated priest[ess], witch and hidden child of the Goddess.'
[to north declaim: 'Hear ye Mighty Ones of the North; Boreas, thou guardian ofthe Northern portals; thou powerful God, thou gentle Goddess; N...(etc)]

Close Circle.

A 'graduation' party should follow.

Invocation to Cernunnos

Invocation to Cernunnos

HPS and HP turn to salute altar with the Horned God's salute as HP says:
HP: "Great God Cernunnos, return to earth again!
Come at my call and show thyself to men.
Shepherd of Goats, upon the wild hill's way,
Lead thy lost flock from darkness into day.
Forgotten are the ways of sleep and night -
Men seek for them whose eyes have lost the light.
Open the door, the door which hath no key,
The door of dreams, whereby men come to thee.
O Mighty Stag, O answer to me!"

Both: "Akhera goiti - akhera beiti!" (lowering their hands)

The Descent of the Goddess

The Descent of the Goddess

* Narrator (N)
* Goddess
* Lord of Death (D)
* Guardians

* Veils, jewellery
* Horned Crown
* Sword
* Scourge

She who will portray the Goddess removes her necklace and places it upon the altar, donning veils and jewellery in its stead.

He who will portray the God dons the Horned Crown and stands before the altar with scourge and blade in the God position.

(S)he who portrays the Guardians bears the Sword.

Each will act out their parts as the Narrator reads:

N: "In Ancient times, our Lord, the Horned One, was as he still is, theConsoler, the Comforter, but men knew him as the dread Lord of Shadows -lonely, stern and just.
Now our Lady the Goddess had never loved, but she would solve all theMysteries, even the mystery of Death; and so she journeyed to the Underworld.

The Guardians of the Portal challenged her:
"Strip off thy garments, lay aside thy jewels;
for naught mayest thou bring with thee into this our land."

So she laid down her garments and her jewels, and was bound, as are all who enter the Realms of Death, the Mighty One.

Such was her beauty, that Death himself knelt and kissed her feet, saying:
"Blessed be thy feet, that have brought thee in these ways.
Abide with me; but let me place my cold hand on thy heart."

She replied:
"I love thee not. Why dost thou cause all things that I love and takedelight in to fade and die?"

Death replied:
"Lady 'tis age and fate, against which I am helpless.
Age causes all things to wither; but when men die at the end of time, I givethem rest and peace, and strength so that they may return. But thou! Thou artlovely. Return not; abide with me!"

But she answered:
"I love thee not!"

Then said Death:
"An thou receives not my hand upon thy heart, thou must kneel to Death's scourge."
"It is fate - better so,"
She said. And she knelt, and Death scourged her tenderly.
And she cried:
"I feel the pangs of love."

And Death raised her, and said:
Blessed be!"

And he gave her the Five-fold kiss, saying:
"Thus only mayest thou attain to joy and knowledge."
And he taught her all his Mysteries, and they loved and were one.
And she taught him her mystery of the sacred cup which is the cauldron ofrebirth.
And he gave her the necklace which is the circle of rebirth, and taught her all the magic’s.
For there are three great events in the life of man: Love, Death and Resurrection in the new body; and Magic controls them all.
For to fulfill love you must return again at the same time and place as the loved one, and you must meet, and know, and remember, and love them again. Butto be reborn, you must die and be made ready for a new body; and to die, you must be born; and without love, you may not be born; and this is all the Magic’s."

it may be prudent to understand the legend of Persephone

The Witches Rune

The Witches Rune

Darksome night and shining moon,
Hearken to the witches' rune.
East, then south, west then north,
Here I to call them forth.
Earth and water, air and fire,
Work ye unto my desire.
Wand and Pentacle and Sword,
Hearken ye unto my word
Cords and Censer, Scourge and Knife,
Waken all ye into life.
Powers of the Witches' Blade,
Come ye as the charm is made
Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell,
Lend your aid unto the spell.
Horned Hunter of the Night,
Work my will by magic rite.
By all the power of land and sea,
As I do will, so mote it be.
By all the might of moon and sun,
Chant the spell and be it done.

Casting a very basic circle

Casting a Circle Basic Witchcraft

You will need:
* Altar
* 2 x Altar candles
* Water bowl
* Salt dish
* Pentacle
* Censer
* Athame
* Bell
* Presence Lamp
* 4 x Quarter candles
* Sword (optional)
* Candle snuffer (optional)
Additionally, you will all need to be fit to enter into the presence of the Gods; you will need to start in the dark.
The Ritual Leader (RL) will wait until it feels like time to begin, then rises:

i. Lighting of the Candle
RL: "I light this Candle (lights Presence Lamp)
in the name of that ancient presence,
which is, was, and ever shall be
male, female, all-knowing, all-powerful
and present everywhere.
And in the names of the four Mighty Ones,
the rulers of the elements,
may power and blessing descend
in this hour upon this place
and those gathered here."
RL lights the two altar candles, the charcoal, and the four quarter candlesfrom the Presence Lamp.

ii. Exorcism of the Water
RL kneels before the altar and places the Water bowl upon the Pentacle.
RL purifies the water by plunging the tip of his/her Athame into the water,saying:
RL: "I exorcise thee, O Creature of Water, that thou cast out from
thee all the impurity and uncleanliness of the world of phantasm.
In the names of Cernunnos and Cerridwen"

note that salt is not consecrated or exorcised as it is already a consecrated creature

iii. Blessing of the Salt
RL sets the Water bowl aside and in its place sets the Salt dish upon the Pentacle.
RL touches salt with tip of Athame, saying:
RL: "Blessings be upon thee, O Creature of Salt; let all malignity and
hindrance be cast forth from thee, and let all good enter within.
Wherefore do I bless and consecrate thee, that thou mayest aid me.
In the names of Cernunnos and Cerridwen."
Using the tip of the Athame, RL takes three measures of salt and puts them into the water, then stirs deosil three times with the Athame, saying:
RL: "But ever mind that as water and salt purifies the body,
so the scourge purifies the soul. So mote it be!"

iv. Casting the Circle
RL draws a circle, continuous from north deosil unto north with the Sword (orAthame), saying:
RL: "I conjure thee, O Circle of Power, that thou be
a boundary between the world of men and the realms of the Mighty Ones;
a meeting place of love and joy and truth;
a shield against all wickedness and evil;
a rampart and protection that shall preserve and contain
the power that we raise within thee.
Wherefore do I bless thee, and consecrate thee,
in the names of Cernunnos and Cerridwen."
(If others are without, a gate is opened, and they are now brought into theCircle with a kiss, and the Circle is resealed.)

v. Consecration of the Circle with the Four Elements
RL takes up the consecrated water and asperses the Circle with his/herfingertips, from north deosil unto north; and then touches each person withinwith the water, being touched in turn by his/her working partner (or another ofthe opposite sex to RL, if available). Water bowl is returned to altar.
RL Then takes up the censer, and likewise censes the Circle from north unto north.
Lastly, RL takes around the Presence Lamp (or a candle lit from the Presence Lamp and returned to it).

vi. Calling the Mighty Ones
All stand and salute the East. RL stands in front of group facing East. Maiden(M) stands at back of group with the Bell. M rings Bell.
With Athame, RL draws three deosil circles and then an invoking earth pentagram, saying:
RL: "Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the East, ye Lords of Air;
I, N..., do summon, stir and call you up, to witness our rites and guard theCircle!"
All turn and face South. RL and M move to corresponding positions; others just turn in place. M rings bell.
With Athame, RL draws three deosil circles and then an invoking earth pentagram, saying:
RL: "Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the South, ye Lords of Fire;
I, N..., do summon, stir and call you up, to witness our
rites and guard the Circle!"
Similarly, in West:
RL: "Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the West, ye Lords of Water;
Lords of Death and Initiation;
I, N..., do summon, stir and call you up, to witness our
rites and guard the Circle!"
And in North:
RL: "Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the North, ye Lords of Earth;
Boreas, thou Guardian of the Northern Portals;
I, N..., do summon, stir and call you up, to witness our
rites and guard the Circle!"
All turn back to the East and salute.
Now all turn to North again. M rings Bell.

RL says:
RL: "Ye Mighty Ones,
Lords of the Watchtowers of the Universe,
Dread Lords of the outer spaces,
Thou powerful God, thou gentle Goddess,
We invite you to our meeting.
O thou Loving Cerridwen,
O thou Mighty Cernunnos,
we gather (or 'I stand') before you
to ..." (state intent)
The Circle is now cast and Perfect.

Closing the Circle Basic Wicca

When the Circle's work is done, the Ritual Leader (RL) goes to the East, Athame in hand, salutes, and draws a banishing earth pentagram, saying:
RL: "Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the East, ye Lords of Air, we thankyou for attending our rites; and ere ye depart to your beauteous realms, we bidthee Hail and Farewell..."
All: "Hail and Farewell!" (RL extinguishes Quarter Candle)
Repeat for the remaining Quarters, addressing each with the titles by which itwas invoked.
RL thanks and says goodbye to the God and Goddess (Words to be Decided, andextinguishes the altar candles.
RL then thanks and dismisses any spirits who have gathered.
RL: "The Circle is open but unbroken. Merry meet, merry part and merrymeet again."
RL extinguishes the Presence Lamp, saying:
RL: "This rite is ended!"
All: "So mote it be!"