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Friday, 29 June 2012

An Epistle to Zeitgeist

The Human Mind no matter how simple or How Great will support the narrow creation of its own reality sadly the so called 99% are as blind as the invisible 1% they choose to hark at there is no eye in the pyramid except my own -

All else is a self propagation of a machine within the control matrix.

Either way... I will burn the Astral as and when I choose after all no other can.

I will provide where the Zeitgeist cannot.

The Zeitgeist is all but another control matrix for the sheep - this is realty - Black Sheep are Still Sheep and unless you can shift reality, provide enlightenment, freedom etc etc you are quite plausibly and evidently absent - in your ability to do so.

Everything, (Occupy, Anonymous,) Especially the Zietgiest movement - they once had a cause albeit very dull. Now all they are is a manipulated.

Your alternative from freedom as your imagination could take not take such a concept, and you dare and will you certainly do not know, nor do you understand.

Time, Energy, Relativity, Will or Silence in effect have been nobbled a FNORD -

Hail Eris and should they really really dare lol for the lulz ;)

En Ferris Hostis

I am the Illuminati

I Tego Arcana Dei

Location:United Kingdom

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