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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Et in Arcadia Ego - I Tego Arcana Dei

The Shepard's by Poussin

Both Latin phrases contain the same letters. In old Arcadia part of ancient Greece is held sacred by the magi for it is in Arcadia we find the comparison to the Elysian Fields and an afterlife. Arcadia could also be considered comparable to the Western Lands, the Sommerlands of the Gaels. There is the portrait of The Shepard's by Poussin. They stand and point to a grave on which Et in Arcadia Ego is inscribed. The literal word-for-word translation of the phrase is "Even in Arcadia I (am there)," "I" being death, and "Arcadia" being understood as a utopian land. It is usually interpreted as a memento mori. In Greece, during Antiquity, Greeks lived in cities close to the sea, and led an urban life. Only Arcadians, in the middle of Peloponnese, lacked cities, were far from the sea, and led a shepherd life. For urban Greeks, especially during the Hellenistic era, Arcadia symbolized pure, rural, idyllic life, far from the city. Poussin's biographer, André Félibien, interpreted it to mean that "the person buried in this tomb has lived in Arcadia"; in other words, that the person too once enjoyed the pleasures of life on earth. This reading was common in the 18th and 19th century. For example William Hazlitt wrote that Poussin "describes some shepherds wandering out in a morning of the spring, and coming to a tomb with this inscription, 'I also was an Arcadian'. The former interpretation is now generally considered more likely; the ambiguity of the phrase is the subject of a famous essay by the art historian Erwin Panofsky. Either way, the sentiment was meant to set up an ironic contrast between the shadow of death and the usual idle merriment that the nymphs and swains of ancient Arcadia were thought to embody.

While the phrase "et in arcadia ego" is a nominal phrase with no finite verb, it is a well-formed construction because substantive and copular verb omission is perfectly acceptable in Latin. Pseudohistorians unaware of that aspect of Latin grammar have concluded that the sentence is incomplete, missing a verb, and have speculated that it represents some esoteric message concealed in a (possibly anagrammatic) code. In The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln, under the false impression that "et in arcadia ego" was not a proper Latin sentence, proposed that it is an anagram for I! Tego arcana dei, which translates to "Begone! I keep God's secrets", suggesting that the tomb contains the remains of Jesus or another important Biblical figure. They claimed that Poussin was privy to this secret and that he depicted an actual location. The authors did not explain why the tomb depicted in the second version of the painting should contain this secret while the distinctly different one in the first version presumably does not. Ultimately, this view is dismissed by art historians.

In their book The Tomb of God, Richard Andrews and Paul Schellenberger, developing these ideas, have theorised that the Latin sentence misses the word "sum". They argue that the extrapolated phrase et in arcadia ego sum could be an anagram for arcam dei tango iesu, which would mean "I touch the tomb of God — Jesus". Their argument presupposes that:
the Latin phrase is incomplete
the extrapolation as to the missing words is correct
the sentence, once completed, is intended to be an anagram
Andrews and Schellenberger selected the proper anagram out of numerous possibilities.
Andrews and Schellenberger also claim that the tomb portrayed is one at Les Pontils, near Rennes-le-Château. However, Franck Marie in 1978 and Pierre Jarnac in 1985 had already concluded that this tomb was begun in 1903 by the owner of the land, Jean Galibert, who buried his wife and grandmother there in a simple grave. Their bodies were exhumed and reinterred elsewhere after the land was sold to Louis Lawrence, an American from Connecticut who had emigrated to the area. He buried his mother and grandmother in the grave and built the stone sepulchre. Marie and Jarnac had both interviewed Adrien Bourrel, Lawrence's son, who witnessed the construction of the sepulchre in 1933 when a young boy. Pierre Plantard, the creator of the Priory of Sion mythology, tried to argue that the sepulchre at Les Pontils was a "prototype" for Poussin's painting, but it was situated directly opposite a farmhouse (behind the foliage) and was not in the "middle of nowhere" in the French countryside, as is commonly assumed. Plantard also claimed that the phrase "Et In Arcadia Ego" had been the motto on his Family Coat-of-Arms for generations. The sepulchre was demolished in 1988 by the owner with the permission of the local authorities.

I Tego Arcana Dei is the accepted anagram. There are allusions to a larger tale of Iesu having not being crucified, (even if he had existed - and there is no historical or archeological evidence to support he did). Any way he is alleged to of come from a reasonably sized family. His wife being Mary Magdalen who left the holy land carrying the Grail which is her womb and the descendants of the Davidic line. They eventually arrived in Briton and formed a church at Glastonbury - she was said to be accompanied by Joseph of Aremithia - it is also said in addition to carrying the bloodline of the grail she had the bones of the apostle St Andrew who was crucified on an X shaped cross. He is the patron saint of Scotland. The grail bloodline is a confusing mystery which also connects to the Mergovian Emperors of Europe. Many of the noble and Royal houses try to trace their lineage back to this bloodline. In effect the grail came to Scotland and the defendants live today. Both in noble houses and in Royal houses. The Knights Templar know of this mythos which the Church of Rome has tried to hide.

I Tego Arcana Dei

Location:United Kingdom

Monday, 26 March 2012

Tower Tarot

As the Aeon Turns I feel it is time to take control of life for my own sake and that of others.

Studies, skills and life experience over the years are Now at a point where I am happy to offer consultancy and guidance to others for the mutual benefit of all.

Please do not hesitate to en-quire.

Blessed Be

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I cannot remember nor, why

Love is a medium of catalyst in which our energies can be transformed and manifested. Love and Light or The misunderstood metaphysical elixir and Light the Nano-Particle on which it migrates are in a loop that begins and starts at the same point in time where Zero and One can exist within the same point within a circle. The loop of microcosm is within the loop of macrocosm appears without. Here there are several symbolic tales that can be better understood with the Tarot, Astrology, Kabbalah - there is need to perfect the alchemical formula of love under will. For in our sphere it should be Do what though will be the whole of the law. Love is the Law Love under Art.

I have a further theory within the formula of VITRIOL the Tarot - which ties in with Astrology and Astronomy and how it shows a message referring to 2012 - The 13th Sign and The Galactic Centre. This is still formative however I do not think the theory has been recognised before with Esoteric Schools unless it was withheld even from the highest of initiates.

Any way love comes at the same time from within and without.

I Tego Arcana Dei

Location:Smith St,Ayr,United Kingdom

Isolated Islands float in the Seas

I stretch forth to absorb my environment each particle is received and then in the field another awareness occurs and 9 times out of 10 I retreat back inside the hermits shell.

A sanctuary within the great sea of consciousness and a prison of my own perception.

I Tego Arcana Dei

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Monday, 19 March 2012

Scenes Senses

Breathes you in deeply filling every essence of my forests with your intoxicating perfumes.
Such sweet attractions stimulate the transference of pollen like energy from anther to stamen, little sparkles of your dew twinkle a milky way in my eyes. The breath continues to flow no hesitation here.
And a germ of an idea is formed in the heavens a gentle ratio of twin probabilities begins to stir and little super novae from the future spiral like fractal ammonites into the past - each reality explored as seeds pop and firmly form within a darkened womb.
No nudity ,no mirror, no face to a self. Innocence born of love. Little twists and coils like anemone absorb manna from the very air. Through tubes and viscous liquids we float combined, enwrapped coils of potential.
Sounds enter a vacuum no more space need be traversed,the beat of a sphere most mercurial in triple tinctures of refined alchemy bursts forth and we breath all over again.
Exhale. Such moments can perpetually be surpassed. Such happy moments a constant past that reached out finger tip to finger tip twin wands but 5 apart a paradoxical formulae distilled and supped from friendships heart shaped cup to cascade and flow to fertile ground each feeling a seed planted to the moon a pathogenesis of ancient souls that exist in an endless now to kiss the lips of futures whispered.

Quantum Mage
Jonathan MacLean-Lambie

I Tego Arcana Dei

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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Black Sheep are Still Sheep

Black Sheep are Still Sheep
There is no one left in control we are all slaves of the machine of a pyramid with out a navigator - we are spiralling towards an age of chaos and the only person who can let you escape is you.

There will be no divine assistance, there will be no grey aliens or angels to provide the key. Your mind is the lock your heart is the key.

You want out then get out.
Turn on, Tune in, drop out, in peace, in grace, @wizard_paradox

While you hide behind the masques of anonymous I show my face.

While you seek a messiah that has come and gone, while you occupy, the machine will roll on.
While you pray, meditate, sacrifice, perform inane hocus pocus rituals to archetypes created by humanity nothing will change except a slow occasional psychological amendment within societies popular cultures the machine will roll on.

On this mundane plane we perceive 1% of a very skewed personal reality.

Empiracle Science says that there is no evidence for Psychic Ability. No shit Jeebus of course they do! And will you suck on their craft and wisdom these scientist who tell you what reality is?!

PLEASE! Why the fuck would you trust the word of a another person including me?

When they are also perceiving reality through the very same 1% of a fraction of a tiny moment of their linear time construct.

The only way to get out is to get into it. Question Everything. Be yourself, Find Yourself and know that you will always attempt to prove your own reality no matter how bias or bigoted no matter how great and all encompassing.

The mundane plane has some who want change, the so called 99% band together and huddle in groups yet they still only percieve 1% of what is going on around them.

The esoteric and exoteric societies continue to be fixed in the previous aeon holding onto their power by spouting a falicy of denial. They deny you, they deny each other they squabble and lie and while some believe, ask yourself how many sparrows does it take to work out how to open a bottle of milk all at once at the same time across the face of this planet? Which by the way is home.

Perhaps in the futile future a forlorn expedition will once again build their ark and blast off planet to seek a new refuge for the virus that humanity has become.

They will go far while back home on our mother Gaia the survivors will forget they will have distant memories of a golden age of gods and of fantastic beasts, myths of mighty men and women who’s stories will be passed down from the new priesthood in an oral tradition.

The artists will paint on walls. The musicians will write their songs… While the earth recovers from her infection called humanity. New dreams and prayers will be made to feed the unconscious worlds, the energy will as before go onwards and the archetypes will transmute and take on the same forms as before and the machine will continue to roll on.

Eventually generations will pass and the ark in the depths of space will spot a beautiful blue dot, excitement if that still exists for these life forms will ripple through the group mind and a plan will be hatched as it has done many times before.

One day they will enter the atmosphere of this tiny blue dot they will begin to burn up as they crash land in a chosen area.

The survivors left behind generations before will look to their sages and know that as promised the golden ones have returned.

The golden ones have come back to earth they are as gods they have magical machines and tools to build and work the earth, and they have found a willing workforce of slaves. And the machine continues to roll on.

It does not have to be like this however reality has a habit of repeating a system that works for the 1% and they will forget, and myths will form, religion will return, politics will return ad infinitum the tip of the pyramid will become blind to its origins and the 99% will seek out conspiracy. And yes there was a conspiracy however due the nature of the machine they themselves the 1% will become slaves albeit just getting a little more sunlight on the surface of the pond which will eventually begin to become scum like.

So while I leave you to hide behind the masques of anonymous and play your oh so human games the energy of the archetypes will be fed and perpetuate its control over your consciousness.

Our governments know this. Our leaders are puppets of puppets and the only thing making it all dance is the very act of wishing for something better to happen.

You continue to feed the illusion most of the leaders do not have a clue, do not ask them for guidance, stop voting for change that will not come.
Your religions are based on the realities of patriarchal greed, your cults are too busy picking fights with each other to see outside their own rectal tract, your gurus are perpetuating their own self satisfaction and feeding off you like vampires.

Sadly very few will get this if anybody does all I can give you is good luck.

Indeed most of your favourite artists, gurus etc etc are under the same system of mind control they use to manipulate you.

Look into the Esalen institute. You will find that most of your gurus have spent time there which is very curious considering that it is linked to MK-ULTRA, Project Monarch, Project Paperclip. Yes sheeples that’s right the same techniques adopted and developed by mad scientists under the Nazi regime of Germany are alive and well today, so ask yourself who or what really won the 2nd World War?

You who sit there hour after hour on your twitter accounts, TUMBLR, Facebook etc and RT And quote Deepak Chopra, Osho, etc etc are not Gurus you are the sheep of sheep.

Ask Osho why he is so compassionate yet can afford a Rolex, ask Deepak how much his net profit is every quarter?

And you are paying them to continue to feed your illusions.

So that’s the mundane world.
That’s the 1% view of reality which the 99% perpetuates. You continue to give power away, you continue to be slaves of slaves to a machine.

Meanwhile the astral vampires tap into your dreams, your visions and your meditations. So how do you deal with that?

What it needs is a war not another horrid war on this planet by the so called Powers that Be which in reality do not really exist yet continue to grow fat on your souls, work, money and blood.

What it needs is some holy fool crazy enough to venture on your behalf starting on the Astral Realm and recognise the false man created, man fed gods and slay them.

I am not talking about the archetypes per se; I refer to those who know exactly what they are doing and in their actions perpetuate this mundane reality.

So that is my goal.

But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house. Mark 6:4
I Tego Arcana Dei

Location:The Tower