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Thursday, 31 January 2013

What is the Agenda

There is a need to say something
Not just anything...

The majority inclusive of myself have been had.
We continue to be had!

Love Light twinkles and fluffy bunnies hop too and fro over the open asylums surface.

We were deviated from the issues at hand by the numerous wishful thoughts of a better reality, we took care to share the ideals of a profound awakening.

The clocks spat the ticks and the tocks.
The Calendars turned to another year and nothing improved.

The world of man remained enslaved to greed and the perpetuation of this system based upon our value as cattle.

New injustices and terrors will be enacted in the name of freedom and democracy.

The banks and corporations will continue to dictate to the elected Governments policy to ensure profit.

This was clear when the Peaceful Occupy Movement were treated as terrorists by the authorities by the media and slowly usurped by agent provocateurs.

More money will be created to pay for the Industrial Military Complex and to bail out the very financial system that's corruption was so clearly predicted to fail.

Those fat cats lap in satiety at the trough of cream, while those of us way below in the food chain are blamed for the failings.

Many work harder, more productive against higher targets and demands for less. While many no longer work, made redundant.

Reliant on benefits and support which are often denied or cut to save a little, in a pretence to support the continuance of the failed system.

Slowly and surely though a few more awaken. It is a harsh slow realisation, not a global shift.

So what if we cannot change the world in its entirety overnight? We can however be awake and aware. And perhaps one by one little by little make a difference.

Be astute to question each source and open to enquire what is the real purpose.

What is the Agenda?
I Tego Arcana Dei

Location:Galloway,,United Kingdom