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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Tao Teh King

The Tao is as emptiness, so are its operations. It resembles non-fullness.

Fathomless! It seems to be the ancestor of all form.

It removes sharpness, unravels confusion, harmonizes brightness, and becomes one with everything.

Pellucid! It bears the appearance of permanence.

I know not whose son it is. Its Noumenon (εἴδωλον) was before the Lord.

No matter what road we take, we find "No thoroughfare"

Conspicuously displayed at the end. Hence Lao-tzu describes his never absent Presence, intangible yet omnipresent, formless yet the Father of form, as "Emptiness"—apprehensible but not comprehensible. The thought of man can only proceed in certain limited directions, and therefore This, the Ubiquitous, "containing everything, yet contained in all," cannot be explained. Whoever would perceive It must leave the beaten track of routine, and in a solitary by-way go forward by the single aid of the higher intuitive powers. Furthermore, It, the one comprehensive Unit, "resembles non-fulness," for we only know the perceptions It excites in our consciousness, never adequate to represent that which is the Consciousness of all consciousness.

They have said yes it's for certain SOURCE. That which is under the sun is not new, nor is it source however in all things pan-essence when percieved on a quantum level exists.

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Tuesday, 8 June 2010


In infinite swirling there is a crown of pre-existence, the source of it all, in its persistence is emanates through veils of resistance, there is a path along the way of creation until the voice moves to write upon the wall, "I AM THAT I AM", a knowing of realization.

The voice called by some Metatron roarsas the Hammer of Thor, there is Zeus and Jupiter protectors of the magickal core - this Sephiroth of Conception.
For soul to to obtain transcend your own reflection.

Pure Diamond Brilliance an almond in flower correspondences of power that may create or devour. This is God neither Father nor Mother.

See in profile a bearded king anointed with ambergris your senses awaken to reality you assume that in this truth MALKUTH IS WITHIN KETHER AND KETHER IS IN MALKUTH.