The Magic Square

Sunday, 26 December 2010


I can feel a deep one coming on.

It is there hovering around the right side of my outer perception.

In between the here and the there where magick flows.

I look for something else to amend this however this is not thought and nor is it feeling. This is something else.

To be haunted by familiar company what a loss it would be if I could no more ascertain their movements in this field.

If this is not merely thought and not merely feeling then is this truly a reality or something more, it has transcended the ability to voice in recognisable words.

It simply exists woven between my particles. Yet what does it do?

It perhaps is a reflection of subjective energies projected on the conscious objective field. At least a reminder of our own interconnectedness. A nod or whisper that can be manifested in a loop - either way. At one singular moment from within and at the same moment from without. To one extreme passive at the other it could be grasped and stirred in spirals to a maelstrom cone of energy.

There a hint at purpose however is that The Purpose or the use that I have decided upon?

So then what is the point of my decision to USE this energy.

Yes it can effect the field and in this basic interconnectedness it can effect every field.

There is more, the above is only the perception of one small part of a subjective observation of manifested left hemisphere energy projected on the right awareness.

Despite all these considerations...

I feel a deep one coming on

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