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Friday, 29 June 2012

The Queen of Staves from the Goddess Tarot.

Queen of Staves 
: from the Goddess Tarot

FreyaDay Hot Dog Friday

Pulled the card this morning well it leaped out of the deck - I was rushing about to get ready to make a train which ended up being delayed, thus far the day has been floods, fire, landslide and flood.

As I was trying to recover from a Single Malt Offensive, get packed and pull a cards it was a bit hectic. As I was shuffling my partner sent an iMessage and the cards which sprung out was the Queen of Wands, (apt).

A kind and generous woman, but resolute in the face of opposition. Strongly psychic and intuitive, but practical in applying her psychic gifts. Intense, magnetic, friendly to the Querant, and favorable to the success and business of the Querant

Certainly this is how the relationship is for myself and there is the entire we hot factor that goes with a Queen of Wands. Even though she is a Taurus her rising sign is Sagittarius. 

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