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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Barbed Wire Fence

The Barbed Wire Fence

The Fence was originally published in The Idaho Observer in 2003 by Hari Heath. It was of course written for an American Audience.

This of course is The Barbed Wire Fence and it is 2012

I have taken liberty to make this more universal an current. Indeed it is barely the same document.

Do you ever feel as if you are one of the few people who can actually see what's going on?

Have you ever carried on a conversation with an friend who thinks they're in a democracy, the government deserves their taxes, they live in a free country, and policemen are their friend?

Have you attempted to live your life as a responsible, sovereign individual, only to be ridiculed by an old school friend a colleague or a family member who cannot even spell sovereign and doesn't know what it means?

Have you at least had a taste of freedom or an insatiable inner knowing of what it should be?

Do you feel alone, surrounded by a herd that is contentedly grazing right up to the gates of slaughter?

Who are these huddling, witless masses of humanity and why won't they look around themselves and see the obvious?

The easy answer is: The Barbed Wire Fence

Many of us who see what is going on around us have learned how to live outside the fence, at least part of the time. Some have become rather adept at living on both sides of the fence. And a few sovereign souls have chosen the path of living completely free of any enclosure.

But the present-day “barbed wire fence” is all encompassing, from horizon to horizon, with cross-fences at every juncture, and corrals, round pens and loading chutes for complete herd management.

And the herd of humanity is well managed. So well managed, that they either look dumb-founded whenever you mention what it's like on the other side of the fence, or they get angry.

“How dare you tell us we don't need all those taxes, laws, or the government to protect us! What do you mean there are all kinds of wild herbs growing free outside the fence that heal and nourish; that they taste better than hay and grain and make veterinarians obsolete?

You must be crazy to think you can live free and be responsible for yourself,” say the angry ones in the herd.

Understanding the barbed wire fence can help freedom-lovers live amongst the clueless without succumbing to their fate. Perhaps, on a good day, we might even inspire one of the herd to look up and begin the process of putting the clues together. And that might eventually lead to another individual who can both understand and spell sovereign.

Where does the barbed wire fence begin?

Born unable to walk, control our bowels, or utter much more than a cry, we begin the adventure of life very moldable. You might think of it as being in a marsupial condition without the benefit of a pouch. A parent or parents must dedicate considerable effort or the newly formed member of humanity will not survive.

The considerable effort required to raise up a young human has a trade benefit: The parent has the opportunity to mould the future of humanity. And that is no small responsibility.

After the first few years of parenting, comes the transitional phase. Except for young humans with parents who choose home-schooling or private education, the public side of the fence begins with the government indoctrination day-camps we call public school. In fact it begins in the very womb you are carried in, each stimuli moulds you, every drink, every cigarette and every meal that contains the genetically modified poisons so wilfully sanctioned by these allegedly democratically elected politicians that are there to look after their own interests and probably unawares of the fact that they are perpetuating the very matrices you sheep-fully and en-masse zombie like adhere to.

The opportunity and responsibility for molding the future of humanity, begun once by the parents, has been stolen bu the corporations and now they effect our unborn at a cellular level. Then this gradually and visibly taken over by government and of course bank rolled by their commercial cousins.

In Latin, it is called In Loco Parentis: In the place of the parent. Parents who do not find alternatives to the status quo become replaced by public educators, TV, video games, commercials, music producers, legislators and policemen.

It begins and ends in the mind. Horses are a good example. A horse who has experienced the momentary zap of 10,000 volts a few times, learns to stay away from the fence. Eventually you can turn off the fence and they will stay within its boundaries. The memory of the shock, and the sight of the fence are enough to keep most horses in. Some become so docile that just tying a single rope chest high will keep them in. They like the fence. Even in India it is the elephant who was once tethered to a stake in the ground or a tree eventually will simply accept the gentle touch of a string around its neck untethered to any object yet programmed it will not without the impulse of fright or fight leave its station.

The barbed fence was built in the horse's minds. The elephants mind and while may not see it or choose to see it or even wish to perceive it.. It is very real for the same systems of control albeit now more subtle have been there for thousands of years.

If we want to be free, we first need to remove the fence from our minds, like those errant, free-thinking horses who touch a whisker to the electric fence to see if it's on, and then walk on through whenever they don't feel a little zap.

The best laid barbed wire fence... Is without the barbs

The best laid fence is one that is never seen and gives benefits instead barbed wire cuts.

You can get more out of a horse by the things you do for it and with it, than by the things you do to it. Sometimes you need barbed wire or 10,000 volts, but feed, grain and a friendly talking to are more likely to produce the desired result.

In the good old days, when farmland had plenty of room between them, the fence was the barn. The horses and cattle enjoyed some free range, but they knew where home was. Food and security kept them “in.” They could forage “out” for the day, but they would be “in” at night and during winter.

Now-a-days, things are more crowded. The animals on the farm never leave the fence. Each farm is fenced where it buts up against another, jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so-to-speak. Like a government that keeps on growing, when does a farmer ever take down a fence, once it's been put up? And with all that seemingly green pasture, what creature would want to take the fence down?

And that is the most frustrating part.. Some of you can see the fence, sense it it wrong in so many ways. Your realise that there is greener pastures put there and like a bit of cattle you lean over the barbed wire and attempt to reach that greener grass as it cuts into your skin you care not after all you only want to taste just enough freedom and never enough.

Your Governments whether it is elected or a committee or even a dictatorship are not much different and its allies in commerce know this.

The fence around you is well made and designed to make you like it. And it's about making a trade -- trading your freedom, rights and responsibilities for the security, convenience and comfort of the fence.

The media fence

Media is the great fence maker of our times. It creates the borders in our mind. The well-honed science of media has created a fence so tight, that most people can't see the other side.

That's why they think the pasture inside the fence looks so green. They've never been allowed to see any other pasture, and they are constantly reminded how green it is.

In the one sided fence of media, people never really get to say what they want. But media tells the politicians what the people say they want, while politicians tell the media what the people say they want -- more laws and regulations to protect us from the outlaws outside the fence -- and a tax cut. And what is the result? More outlaws are created inside the fence by more laws and regulations, which require more taxes.

The fallacies of the fence

Do policemen prevent crime when the majority of “crimes“ have no victim and weren't a crime until the police arrived? Do judges promote justice with controlled juries, bar regulated attorneys, self-adopted court rules and judicially controlled, self-disciplining review agencies?

Do the Americans really have a Constitution and Bill of Rights anymore, when almost everything government does is against the Constitution and people are routinely imprisoned for exercising their rights?

Does The European Court of Human Rights really address the human rights of for example the British Public when they have to suffer the inconvenience of someone who is clearly undesirable who spreads hate and promotes acts of violence amongst the very bleeding heart nanny state subjects he would happily decapitate given the opportunity.

Do the United Nation sanctions against numerous counties really help the civilians who are starving and without care or medication. When it is clear there are far more Evil regimes in the world that are free to carry on their atrocities regardless however these countries do not have minerals, oils, opium poppies or any tactical or strategic worth to the corporations.

When we live inside the barbed wore fence, we live at the permission of the government. Everything from travel, to our homes, water, food, health, finances, even the air we breathe is regulated. Can regulations make us safe from bureaucrats?

Do we “make money” when money, by definition, can only be a coin and a “one dollar Dollar one Pound one Euro” is issued by a private bank, which is not even the state, as such it does not really have “reserves,” and isn't a note because it can't be redeemed? And it isn't a “dollar” because a dollar is 371.25 grains of silver, not paper. Or Sterling and The Euro may as well of been printed on the leaves of a tree.

For the errant freedom lover with eyes to see and ears to hear, almost everything inside the barbed wire fence can be shown to be false, a fraud and corrupted. For the tamed herd, it's all green fields, as far as the blinded eye can see. It all depends on which side of the fence you're on.

The fence chewers

This leads us to an interesting phenomena. One would think that leading the herd to real freedom would be very popular in a land known for its freedom. But quite the opposite is true. We errant folks are often ridiculed and demonized by the herd for our notions of freedom, and especially by the managers of the herd -- the media.

The herd doesn't like fence chewers. Most people are quite happy to live in their illusions. We have to remember, it was all green and growing for them until we came along and made it look like charred grass.

They thought they owned a house, but if the government can take it for taxes, who owns it? It used to be their car, until we showed them how the government stole the title when they registered it. They thought they were successfully running a business, until we enlightened them about how many regulations prevent their options for success. And when we told them they worked over half the year just to pay their taxes, their illusionary green field went up in smoke.

That's why the herd doesn't like anyone who chews holes in the fence. It means they would have to face things the way they really are. It would require them to become responsibile. There would be no more semi-free rides on the back of the welfare nanny-state.

The sovereign's fence

What would a free state, outside the fence of government look like? No more collective herd management in a common enclosure. Each sovereign would be free to choose how much fence they want to put up on their own place. The common ground would be free range and the fence would only contain government.

Government's only duties will be to build roads, deliver mail, defend our borders, mint coins, and register patents on our ingenuity. A sovereign people would be free to engage in commerce with substance. A 371.25-grain silver dollar today, or a real Sterling Note be it Bank of England or Scots. No more imaginary wealth. What you own, will remain your own, until you choose otherwise. Property would be held in allodium, untaxed.

Imagine a government that provides a bona fide, accountable, judicial forum to resolve conflicts between sovereign citizens and only passed “laws the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.”

With almost no taxes, we can afford to privately educate our children and contribute to any charities we choose. “Welfare,” would be how well we fare from our own responsible, sovereign efforts, outside the fence.

To make this a reality, each of us needs to free our minds from our former keeper's programming and learn to live outside the fence. Be an example, even if it means you have to eat a little barbed wire. If we each chew our part, it'll be free range for everyone -- whether they like it or not.

And all of that is not impossible - that's is The Ideal - The Plan for a Truly Free and Illuminated Society where you take responsibility and you raise your children to be free not just in body but also in mind and dare is say spirit.

So once again I lay down the challenge - To Anonymous take of the Silly Masques. Your concept of a world based on Cyber Attacks is pointless for the Governments security systems can at any time take down each and every server that powers you each Internet gone each intranet gone and every mobile phone network gone. And unless you have the financiers to back you and the science to make you capable of putting a network of satellites up into near earth orbit all you are is an inconvenience.

To the Occupy Movement the alleged 99% sitting stinking in squalor bleating in a protest that will never be cared about by the mysterious 1% blaming your reality on another conspiracy. Where is revolution? Where is the solution? What exactly is the plan?

And to the Zeitgeist Movement - trust me in this I liked what I initially seen then I seem through you and one thing is certain you never were not never will be The Spirit of the Age. You concept of a government of committee non elected nor sanction by anyone but your own hierarchy is ridiculous.

To the churches and all religions of the earth you have brought about your own denise via infantile lies and dogmas.

To the Gurus and Hocus Pocus Cult Leaders all your care about is fattening your bank balances and of course another any other unquestioning soul to add to your collective will do.

To the governments the lawmakers you are not in control you are the puppets of puppets.

To the bankers the, "hidden families, the corporations you are what you are greedy top feeders and your services and celebrity are not required.

Perhaps I cannot change the entire world however I can choose to escape your barbed wire fence.

Khabs Am Pekht


The Magus 9°= 2□ XI°



I Tego Arcana Dei

Location:Bellevue Crescent,Ayr,United Kingdom


  1. Love this post my friend! Excellent. I shall share it...and see how many sheeple get angry...and how many start taking a nibble at the fence after they start peeking at greener pastures. :)

    1. Thank you Goddess assuredly the momentum needs to swing and the swing must not return this is not the pit nor the pendulum.

      There are several posts of recent months, weeks, days, all contained a message all contained an insight.

      You have previously mentioned prophesy; I would call it magick most high combined with natural science.

      There are some events I have always been able to percieve.. Yet never change.

      Now that has changed for I can initiate change.

      So the question now begs, what Will be and what will no longer be.

      I do not know exactly who was always there, guiding, pushing and sometimes kicking. Surely there are gods - and fey - spirits and stars.

      I realised and obtained many a feather of late.

      The Abyss has been crossed of my Degree only are four others and three of the others are the heads of orders that live in the Aeon of Death. The Fifth reminded myself and made contact today. So now I know where we all reside as The Fifth is in Ingolstad this very now -

      I am Illuminatus Hail Pan Hail Eris Hail Discordia

      Carpe Lucem

      And once again Blessed Ve

  2. A great post indeed but , if I may I might add this ..I would love to see men and women of all ages creeds races and colour - take to the street in protest at the level of abuses laid at the feet of women, their mothers sisters daughters - and at the subsequent abuse against the mother our planet - day after day..year after year there has been a war against the feminine, the source , the fertile and the life force as it expresses itself here .. I am not talking about feminism either, something beyond that greater and something far deeper, needs to be raised up and cherished - that has never happened , and I am sad to say perhaps will not happen at least not in my life time.. There is a war against the essence of life and life forms at the very core and root and seed ....The main reason there is any kind of * awareness * of a revolution or a movement ( if indeed it was started at grass roots by revolutionaries) is this ..its finally hit their pockets, the homeless dossing in the streets of major cities have been there for generations . While they think a family with *only* two cars in it is cutting back ( I quote someone who said that to me ) You can die in the USA for lack of health insurance and hey that is OK.. So now tens years on from the event that got all the flags waving and the liars marching to war, - a booming internet generation and the gradual build up of questions as to the puppets and the puppet masters - need to be screamed a whole lot louder for my cynical ears.. the fence is in the mind and the Mind as Edgar Cayce says is the builder.. ..

    1. Thank you M your comments are better than the posts.

      I agree the imbalance need to be addressed on Earth and in the Heavens

  3. Thank you ..But remember you are the catalyst, as all voices who speak out, write and chant and create new bardic treasures and magical teaching ballads -( while we still can ) I do not forget that there is so much wonder that is awakening as well , I have felt that for many years, its hard to not be jaded and as the Alpha wolf reminds me to engage the pack through charisma and play I have to remind myself of that wonderment ;)