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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Blessing the Cake and Wine

Cake Blessing

To consecrate cakes, HPS picks up Athame again as HP kneels before her, holding up the dish of cakes. HPS draws invoking pentagram of earth over the cakes saying:

HPS: "O Queen, most secret, bless this food unto our bodies;
bestowing health, wealth, strength, joy and peace,
and that fulfillment of love which is perfect happiness."

All sit as the cakes are passed around as was the wine.

HP refills cup and offers it to HPS, inviting her to join them.
When done relaxing and chatting, close the Circle.

Wine (Ale) Blessing

Follows: working part of Esbat Circle(any worship Circle)
HPS stands in God position before altar. HP fills a Chalice with red wine and offers it up to her from his knees.
HPS takes Athame between her palms and holds it above the Chalice.
HP: "As the Athame is to the male,
HPS: "so the cup is to the female;" [plunges Athame into Chalice]
Both: "and conjoined they bring blessedness."
Laying Athame aside, HPS accepts cup of HP (kiss), sips and returns it to him(kiss) who also sips and arises to pass it to a woman (kiss) to sip and hence from woman to man (kiss) and man to woman (kiss) about the Circle.
If more work is to be done, the cup makes the round but once and is returned to the altar, else it is replaced in the centre of the Circle.

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