The Magic Square

Friday, 6 July 2012

Tutti! La dolcezza di fare niente ........... XI°— = 0


A Titan chained by choice upon a rock.
The need to fix intent within separate and diverse points in space through time.

He asks, "Do I exist outside of belief and imagination?".


This was never about loneliness, never fully about desire.
Yet as THAT exhaled, back there, back then, it's causation was such and expansion it sparked and fired and light was extended.
This was about understanding.


So realised This I was never alone. It was here in the darkness that is threefold.
A maiden lover.
A mother womb to expel matter.
A wizened aged breast

They sit side by side enthroned and each cast out their skill and will.
Each part a separate form.
The I realises this could never be done alone
All that is they sent BEYOND.


There was no original father only potential of probability, a germ, a concept that cannot be known.
And now as they have expanded their offspring is shown.
This is the thief who declares a creation as his own and displays feigned mercies.


Few could visibly conceive what had spun forth as an infinity of stars and all that is of this moment.
The thief bursts forth a bastard seed that splits and whirls and dances stirring rings of chaos beyond its control.
This is nature elevated.
Such strength is what wars in heaven are made of.
As they observe from above, All dances to frenzy, a preparation to Fall.


A Sun is glowing in radiant beauty and in this knowing impermanence, dissolution and death by redemption is the gift.
By this way all points should meet and part.
Gods and Man Gods sacrificed to feed a need of flux and Flow.


Where is the victory in such death out with of acceptance?
Where is the knowing that with this fruit you eat?
Where is the life this is with this fruit you eat?
Born of Collision an emerald eye to fall and on the ground serpentine illumination coil.


Music as Quicksilver, Splendours portrayed, Alchemical Periodical all that is required to build and formulate each tincture cools.
Ovate vibration stimulate new will and gives it a voice and Great Works therein.


And the thief has realised the need of counterpart, such embarrassment by his length that lacks depth. His consort required for without there is no Art.
The mirror of shadows, Nxy and Morpheus and numerous parts now exist. Illusion and dreams and food to the flow, the necessity of foundation.


All is a wheel of cycle and cogs, a machine crystal born out of fog.
A Kingdom of sin?
What purpose then of all that was extended but to experience all there is to experience and look up at the arch and wonder the whys?
To stretch forth our roots with heaven as a source to accept and realise purpose is to rectify the lies.

........... XI°— = 0

So I reflect upon the waters, all elements within.
Know my meditation is the valve of an atoms heart.
To split me is to create me As Above So Below.
All points reconciled with this nous.
A psyche in extension more than the sum of it's parts.
Each glimmer a ray
A going forth by day
Returned by art under love to the original source.

© Jonathan MacLean-Lambie
Khabs Am Pekht


The Magus 9°= 2□ XI°



Location:Shore Rd,Dunoon,United Kingdom


  1. Distillation- alchemy and the fruits of your vigil by the tides , deep light filled words and shadowed magic- image/i-mage-ry

    Something I should do more often is sit upon the rocks there ..glad your time in communication was so well received by the sea muse .

    1. And she the sea is pure in her creatures an endless muse.