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Monday, 2 July 2012

An Address To The Scottish Parliament from The Wizard of Scotland

I need remind you of our ways or of our oaths how you sit in office only by the sanction of the nation of Scots.

Some cry for Independence. Yet would sell our nation into the servile chains of Europe.

Read on and take these words to heart for we shall smite you down in all our ways if you by way of greed seek to sell a land that is not yours to sell.

The Scottish Knight Templars - Oath of Fealty

Inasmuch as the ancient realm of Scotland did succour and receive the brethren of the most ancient and noble Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, when many distraints were being perpetrated upon their properties, the Chevaliers of the Order do here bear witness.

Chevaliers of the Order do undertake to preserve and defend the rights, freedoms and privileges of the ancient sovereign realm of Scotland, by God appointed.

Chevaliers will resist with all might, attempts by any person or bodies of persons, wherever or however authorised out with the ancient realm of Scotland, to take unto themselves the ancient realm of Scotland, or any portion thereof.

As we Chevaliers do fear the perils to our immortal souls, upon our Knightly Honours, we attest the foregoing, am before God we so swear.

And further in terms of the true nature of the freedom of this realm.

So long as one hundred of us are alive, we will never in any degree be subjected to the English. It is not for glory, riches or honour that we fight, but for liberty alone which no good man loses but with his life

From the Scottish Declaration of Independence signed at Arbroath in 1320

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