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Saturday, 26 May 2012

A Solar Phenomenon Abu Simbel February 22nd 2012 Ancestors Stories in Stone

The stories I tell here are such


To The East I stand as Heru RA Ha - Horus Mage Made Flesh
I am the Morning Star reckon the numbers with my date of birth.

I stand with my High Priestess Hathor and her militant as Sekhmet.

Further supported by The Glastonbury Thorn & The Nine Morgans

The stone - is for The Air Element and is from Edfu The Temple of Heru, Horus. Edfu Egypt. OTO - Currently Dominus Liminus 0•=0•

To South The Three Great Pyramids of Giza - Fire of Three Stars. Here Stands Morrigan

The Stone is from The Great Pyramids of Giza, Saqqara, Cairo Egypt.

From Point to Earth We Have The Temple of Rosslyn, Roslyn, East Lothian, Scotland. Here stands Hectate. The Stone is from Rosslyn Chapel 32 Degrees Scots Knight Templars

The left upper most point, Water - To The West - We have The Temple of Sobek. This Stone is from the Temple of Sobek, Kom Ombo, Egypt. Here stands Cerridwen.

At the uppermost point the tip of Pentacle - Spirit. Is The Temple of Abu Simbel at Abu Simbel - Egypt. This is The Temple of the Great Ramesses II and is Sacred to AMUN, (Amen)

This stone alike to an Obelisk is from Abu Simbel.

In the Centre is WILL THELEMA

This is The Temple of Philae
The Temple of IsIs - Infinite Stars Infinite Space.
The Temple of Love
Do What Though Will Be The Whole of The Law. Love is The Law. LOVE Perfected is ART.

The Stone is from The Temple of Isis at Philae.

Before I move on there are some people I would like to thank personally for providing me with, Love, Understanding, Compassion and Guidance.

To my guide who opened both my Eyes and My Heart to an alternative culture. The heart of a Nubian is that of a Gentle Lion. They are the true people of Egypt... So to Sayed Hassan; I say: "Peace be upon him": Arabic: عليه السلام ʿalayhi s-salām -

And to our friend Noor - also patient and generous and kind for assisting and paving the path around the officialdom that is Modern Egypt.

And to all the other beautiful Nubian gentlemen and ladies I had the honour to meet my heart and deepest respects.

Allah's blessings are a treasure so true, that their value cannot be measured, and one of Allahs blessings is you!

To - Mhairead MacDonald a companion spirit in the journey, my Anam Cara.

To - My Father Robert Lambie for accompanying me to Egypt and Sharing the Stele of Revealing.

To Marie White - Creator of The Mary EL Tarot which continues to provide a depth of Muses.

The Tower XVI above is from her Magnus Opus, "Landscapes of The Abyss".

To Lady Foxglove - for her Grace Wisdom and Wise Ways in Standing at The East

And to last however never least -
Rita Bordin for her patience when I was away, for her heart and passion. She is My Goddess Hathor, My High Priestess.

And so back to The Solar Phenomena at Abu Simbel February 22nd 2012. To Celebrate the Rising of The Dawn Sun upon The Temple of Ramses II

Many scholars argue that Egyptian Astronomy did not leave any particular inheritance because it was less sophisticated than the Babylonian and the Greek. In reality, bear in mind that Egyptian astronomical observations began in the third millenium BCE, while the Babylonian and the Greek Astronomical Observations in the modern sense begin to grow from 500 BCE to 300 BCE. Synchronistically in 525 BCE Egypt was occupied by Perisa. In 332 BCE, when Alexandria was the cultural centre for excellence of the known world. These two foreign dominations allowed and exchange of culture and information without these historical precedents and as demonstrated by the, "Zodiac of Denderah," an important step forward for the Science of Astronomy.

The Abu Simbel Solar Phenomenon is an amazing event, The Sun Rising on the 22nd of February and 22nd of October every year to penetrate The Great Temple of Abu Simbel and cross all the way through the veil to the Holies of Holies The Inner Sanctum. The suns rays then fall on the faces of Ramses II statues.

On the day we were there my Father, Sayed, Noor and I there was easily 30,000 souls there it is a Festival of Light. And these souls had travelled from the four quadrants of the earth yet mostly from all over Egypt, yet particularly from the Nubian People's who so rightly should be proud of their heritage and their Royal ancestors.

The original dates of the phenomenon was but one day earlier, The 21st of February and The 21st of October. The temples here of Ramses and his favoured Queen Nefertiti were moved to avoid the flooding of Lake Nasser when building the Aswan Dam.

Sadly many Nubian Holy places and Temples are now lost under that lake.

Either way the original dates are either, (depending on which HIS-Tory.. You wish to subscribe to,) his coronation day, his birthday or the starting and ending of the Egyptian agricultural seasons.

During its original construction the axis of the Temple was positioned by the ancient architects towards a point on the eastern horizon in such a way that the rising suns photons on both these dates would raise above the mountains on the far far away side cross the waters, enter the Temple and fall upon the statues of Ramses II, Amon RA, (The Sun God), RA - Horakhte, (God of The Rising Sun, whilst in the shadows Ptah, ( God of the Underworld and Darkness), on the left of Ramses,  lo remains in Darkness.

The sun rises across Lake Nasser as 30,000 plus await the Rays.

The Temple of Abu Simbel to the Left and The Temple of his favoured Queen Nefertiti is to the Right.

The Suns Rays are Blinding as they pierce the Darkness of The Temple.

As a result of the inclination of The Earths rotation upon her axis to the plane of The Earths Orbit in a Year, we know that The Sun changes it's position of rising on The Eastern Horizon every day all over the year between 23.5 degrees North and 23.5 degrees south - The Direction of The East.

The ancient architects should know very well the annual apparent motion of The Sun around The Earth as to be able to adjust the direction of the Temple axis with the Sunrise position for any day, specifically the 22nd of February and the 22nd of October. This they did, also the Rays falling perfectly upon entering the entrance to The Temple then travel 60 metres and fall upon the faces of Ramses II and avoid The Statue of Ptah, this all indicates an accurate geometry in adjusting the dimensions of the entrance and the Inner Sanctum as well.

THOTH & HORUS - Blessing of the King Ramses II

The King Ramses II giving offering and Tribute to The Goddess Hathor.

Nefertiti making offerings to The Goddess Hathor

Khabs Am Pekht

☽✪☾Sgian-dubh I won't let them Immanentize the eschaton
En Ferus Hostis

I Tego Arcana Dei
Location:United Kingdom


  1. What an incredible and illuminating experience you had there , on so very many levels and dimensions. I remember vividly the conversation we had on the phone , the excitement in your voice when you got back about your experiences , particular with Sayed, and Noor and your visit to their village ( Nubian ) the drumming, ( I recognised that rhythm , there is nothing like it , a gift to experience in that particular way ) and the night sky filled with stars . It was a trip of a lifetime for you and I know as we have discussed it since, when you visited me here, that it went beyond the magic and into the presence and the essence of what is truly Divine ( Shamans journey ) within the all/ all that is - and in that presence there can be healing and reconciliation- that is the microcosm of the macrocosm, but it has to be accepted and seen as this, otherwise the moment passes . The truth is what walks beside us, alludes us and dances through us, sometimes in shadow & sometimes in light and we have to be humble enough to bow to it as it pierces, and slices through, to reveal our personal teachings and inner revelations.
    I love that you acknowledge Marie Whites Tarot deck and I am glad I introduced you to that incredible work of Art. A beautiful and gracious post J .

    1. Bless You M,
      All you say is clearly as it was and is so true.

      I always feel energised and inspired by you and you always pull wonderful rabbits out of the hat. Not least introducing myself to The Mary-EL.

      It is clear that you walk with The Goddess.

      Your Anam Cara - companion

      Jonathan x