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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Final Flight

Final Flight

Midnights Myriad Shadows Dance Past My half shut eyes

Moth floats to externals light
And it all slows down
In what appears as a life time within this her final movements and moments of ecstasy


Across oceans where waves sleep like breathing giants
I drift in a boat of absent souls
This place is between life and death, little moves or stirs only breath

I see her ahead, this creature so small yet there is a light within her
Doors to the left and to the right, what portal will she take? In this land between life and death.

Four gates swing open between the two an there is nothing...
Nothing approaches...
No one is there...
Not even a silent call...

From one is a burning furnace of entrancing warmth it has a glow that warms my closed eyes

From the other there is a illuminated way with brilliance of light that reflects more than the spectrum can display

She veers left towards that warm embrace

She veers right towards a rainbow of chance

And then the light she falls into and passes

Leaving me...

She has climbed higher than most mortal men higher and higher she transform her form now most feminine, her back is arched with silver and golden stars aglow within her skin
Reborn as The Milky Way surrounded in plush deep blue velvet a curtain of space.

On and On as if never to end -
Left Behind
Her small sweet memory

© Jonathan MacLean-Lambie (Forever)

This was written in 1988
I was 15

Khabs Am Pekht


The Magus 9°= 2□ XI°



I Tego Arcana Dei

Location:United Kingdom


  1. Tell me you're still writing poetry...this is fantastic...too many phrases to point to that are quite stunning.(Especially considering the young you that wrote them) More please

    1. The muse hit me hard at 15.

      I was quite prolific so there is probably a book at least.

      Most are in an old folder and as instructed by the muse hand written in red ink biro.

      Some are just on scrap bits of paper and written in whatever came to hand lol crayon.

      The first thing I wrote is call Crimson; I look back at it some what confused as I was going through spiritual schizophrenia at the time.

      I posted it here last year I think.

      You can do what you will with them if you want to put them somewhere on one of your group thingies...

      The previous Post

      That was on scrap paper I cannot recall even writing only that it is my handwriting and at least two years old.

      The muse remains with me in nature and magick and love..

      I write what I feel or when instructed by The Gods and Goddesses.

      Thank you again for liking my art.

      Blessed Be