The Magic Square

Monday, 9 April 2012

The Wizard and The Mage

A Poem Written by my Good Friend and Anam Cara Mhairead MacDonald
And full credit to her

A poem ( with a few nods in the direction of Rabbie )

Twas on a night they set their mission
to cause a little magic frisson ,

His wee Mage son was not affronted
As through the undergrowth they hunted
he steadied at his fathers side
no fear was there, just silent pride ,
As in the dark so wildly sounded
tooth and claw !
all leaped and bounded..
in between the cries and coos
( the Wizard had a little booze )
they stopped to hear a merry chorus
it was the fey who sang and chanted ...
( och and sure they knew wine was decanted , but worry not young sight is clearer and none does fey hold to them dearer, than the eyes of these so young and bright, sent to this earth to carry light )

see the wizards beardy grow
See the wizards aura glow
see the wizards in the know
see he has a UFO........!!
I Tego Arcana Dei

Location:The Tower


  1. Hello ;) ~ Well there it is in all its glory, my wee rendition of your great story, I'm glad twas met with boundless glee, It really means a lot to me .
    I should have made allowances for the Latin quote
    ~laughing ~
    Light on your path, love in the heart !