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Monday, 23 April 2012

The Journey and a Call

A Journey and a Call

And Passing from the Gray Havens the route appears not to be as expected there a jumping to and fro. Not as the Land is mapped, yet in each stage an archetype could be found.. A little to the East there was Caradhras.

The borders marked once by standing stones and Ogham to the Wylde places of the Reavers. And to some the old markings could still be found... If you knew how to see. And how to read the Alphabet of The Trees.
Beith - Luis - Nion

Through winded roads over misty mountains, where nothing grows of the Tree Folk. Perhaps a lonely herder with no worries bar that of his high pastoral flock and the preparedness of fattening enough for Lammas Fairs.

To swoop down on a Hawks Wind Cut Wing to more subtle lands.

And while here passing now what to some.... As-like a Gray Man of the Northern Tower considered villages, some would whittle and craft as towns, either way the Norman would call these little human havens a Hamlet and The Ice Gods of the Norse a Dale or such.

The identity is more mixed between The Helvetic Elves and largely Saéson commoners - and while I have witnessed Illness in many lands where the Tribal Identity is fractured. It is better to Identify with something where there is a pride of Nobility a Code of Chivalry and some merit of respect for our mother the land.

In these paths I am reminded that we are feared and distrusted in these parts and there has been good reason for this.

There has been good reason for this within all parties.

We ourselves in our own fear have mixed earth magic with the formulae of human mages. And while that process was initially one of knowing and understanding many of us preferred to remain within the apparatus and structure of such hierarchical and unnecessary weyrds.

And of course there was many a hungry dark cold winter when we slipped into the borders with The Black Douglas, (The Good Sir James), to enforce such fears and take what cattle and stock we could - aye even we need to eat from time to time.

Sir, you see,
How the English tyrant forcibly

Has dispossessed me of my land

And you are made to understand

That the earl of Carrick claims to be

The rightful king of this country.

The English, since he slew that man,

Are keen to catch him if they can;

And they would seize his lands as well

And yet with him I faith would dwell!

Now, therefore, if it be your will,

With him will I take good or ill.

Through him I hope my land to win

Despite the Clifford and his kin.

—The Brus, John Barbour

And there were the times when Fighting for Freedom from enslavement that we fought with The Uallas: coursing like a sea wave deep deep inside these Middle Kingdoms all the way to shatter The Middle Castles.

And the retribution was an irony for yes while we fought a blow for freedom of tyranny. The web of greedy feudal lords was the underlying schema.

My family Royal Red Blooded from the Dexterous Hand, direct descendants Fey of The Ard Righ of Emerald Lands - The Mac Laomainn mor Chomhail & Ard Gilleain na Tuaighe of the Mighty Battles Axe, (MacGilleEathain), fought alongside noble houses such as the MacDonalds, (Clann Cholla and Siol Chuinn (Children of Colla and Seed of Conn), the MacKays, (Mac Aoidh), and MacLeods, (Clann Mhic Leòid).

Only to be eventually victorious at ~ The Battle of The Bannock Burn when the Knights of Solomon rightfully sided with the De Bruce.... Sad such noble concepts of a Ard Righ to, unite The Majority of the Clans with the Exception of the Squint Mouthed ones who would always be happy to cuddy the shit of PenDragon for a few Gold Pieces...

Where was the wisdom in their treachery? For we fought best on the sea and they fought best in the dead of the night when given our hospitality they would take us and slay us.

They did so in The Glen of Old King Coe to our MacDonald brothers and sisters, they did so to The MacGregor, (The Walkers- Sìol Ailpein: Seed of Alpin) And are one of the Seven... a family able to trace their descent from Alpin).

They had a hand in the betrayal of The Wallace, (Uilliam Uallas), and they also betrayed our Gaelic hospitality at the Myrrdin of Toward. Where Two hundred of our Gentleman were hung by the neck our women folk defiled, some taken.

Two Hundred of Our children sold into slavery or married off to their Squint Mouthed kin...buried alive. Burned at the Stake!

Aye in our ancestry and I could go back to the very dawn of this Kali Yuga - back to Scythia and standing in our chariots with the mighty Sparta, being learned by Aristotle and Chiron being married to the Daughter Scotia a Princess of the Pharaoh Neferhotep I.

Aye -Know that Scotland got its name from the "Scoti" or "Scotti" my ancestors Gaelic speaking people who had come from Ireland around 500AD and settled in Argyll (named then Dàl Riata or Dalriada).

Where was the wisdom in their treachery for we fought best on the sea and they fought best in the dead of the night when given our hospitality they would take us and slay us.

Sing Memories of The Mother
*Goddess Cailleach

Cailleach, Celtic Crone Goddess

“Bha da shleagha chaola chatha
air an taobh eile dh’an chaillich
Bha ‘h-aodann dubh-ghorm air dreach a ‘ghuail
‘S a deud cnabadach cnamh-ruadh.

Bha aon suil ghlumach ‘na ceann
Bu luaithe na rionnag gheamhraidh;
Craobh mhineach chas air a ceann
Mar choill inich de ‘n t-seana chrithinn.

(There were two slender spears of battle
upon the other side of the carlin
her face was blue-black, of the lustre of coal,
And her bone tufted tooth was like rusted bone.

In her head was one deep pool-like eye
Swifter than a star in winter
Upon her head gnarled brushwood
like the clawed old wood of the aspen root).
(from Campbell: The Yellow Muilearteach, in Popular Tales of the West Highlands Vol 3.)

The Neolithic goddess Cailleach, known variously as the “blue hag”, the “Bear goddess” and “Boar goddess”, “owl faced”, and “ancient woman”, has survived through the ages. Coming from the continent, Her worship spread to the British Isles early after the recession of the glaciers. The proto-Celtic peoples honored Cailleach and blended Her varying aspects, creating images invoking both love and terror. The various names that Cailleach has been worshipped in lend a clue to Her wide spread worship: Boi, Bui, Cally Berry, Caillech Bherri, Cailliach, Cailliaech, Carline, Digde, Dige, Dirra, Dirri, Duineach, Hag of Beara, Mala Liath, Mag-Moullach, Scotia, and Nicnevin.

Cailleach in modern Gaelic means ‘old wife’, but interestingly, it originally meant a ‘veiled one’ (from caille, a veil). In all her various Goddess forms, Cailleach is seen as a Crone Goddess who embodies winter.

She is sometimes depicted as an old hag with the teeth of a wild bear and boar’s tusks or else is depicted as a one-eyed giantess who leaps from peak to peak, wielding Her magical white rod and blasting the vegetation with frost.

Cailleach’s white rod, or slachdan, made of birch, bramble, willow or broom, is a Druidic rod which gives Her power over the weather and the elements. Cailleach is also a goddess who governs dreams and inner realities.

She is the goddess of the sacred hill, the Sidhe, and the place where we enter into the hidden realm of the Fey and spirit beings. Sacred stones, the bones of the earth, are Her special haunts.

Cailleach is connected to the ‘bean sidhe’ or banshee (which means ‘supernatural woman’) who are the wild women of the Fey.

Cailleach is also the guardian spirit of a number of animals. She is associated with the ancient tradition of herding reindeer. This means that the reindeer (and all deer) are Her cattle; She herds and milks them and often gives them protection from hunters.

Swine, wild goats, wild cattle, and wolves are also Her creatures. Cailleach is also a fishing goddess, as well as the guardian of wells and streams.

In Scotland, Cailleach is considered to be the daughter of Grainne, or the Winter Sun. She is affectionately known as ‘Grandmother of the Clanns’ and ‘the Ancestress of the Caledonii Tribe’. The legends of the Caledonii tribe speak of the “Bringer of the Ice Mountains”, the great blue Old Woman of the highlands. Called Cailleach, Cailleach Bheur, Scotia, Carline or Mag-Moullach by the people.

She was the Beloved Mountain Giantess who protected the early tribe from harm and nurtured them in Her sacred mountains.

Cailleach Bheur is reborn each Samhain and goes about smiting the earth to blight growth and call down the snow.

On Beltane Eve , She throws Her staff under a holly tree or a gorse bush (both are Her plants) and then turns into a gray stone, thus ending winter. In other myths this happens on Imbolc Eve, but rather than turning into a stone, She is instead reborn a young woman.

In Ireland Cailleach is known in Her singular form as Cailleach Beara or “Hag of Beara, – or else worshipped as part of a trio of Goddesses with Her sisters Cailleach Bolus and Cailleach Corca Duibhne.

In the Irish Triad, she is considered one of the three great ages: ‘The age of the yew tree, the age of the eagle, the age of the Hag of Beara’. Cailleach Beara inhabits the Beara peninsula on the Cork-Kerry border on the north side of Bantry Bay, Scotland.

She is said to have “let loose the rivers, shaped the hills, and waved Her hammer over the growing grass.” In Ireland as in Scotland, She has power over the three months of winter, and is said to turn to stone every spring and to be reborn every October 31 (Samhain).

In the legend of the coming of the Tuatha De Danann we are told that Cailleach Beara is the opposite face of the Goddess Bride (also known as Bride, Bridgit, Bridget, Brig, Brigentis, Brighid, Brigidu, Briginda, or Brigit).

In western Ireland, especially in the area of the Cliffs of Mohor, Cailleach is worshipped as a deity called Bronach or Brenach (Ugliness). In northern Ireland, Cailleach is called Cally Berry.

On November 1, a festival known as ‘Reign of the Old Woman Cailleach’ is celebrated annually in the Celtic countries (in Ireland it is known as ‘Day of the Banshees’).

On the eve of Imbolc (Jan. 31 or Feb 1), also celebrated is the fest called ‘End of Cailleach’. This fest signals the start of Imbolc and the end of winter.

The "Scotichronicon" - one of the earliest histories of My people, or after we told our tales from tongue to ear...

This book written in the 1440s, claims there was a legend that a Greek prince called Gaythelos was banished, with his wife Scota, the daughter of an Egyptian Pharoah.

He sailed westwards and landed in Spain. From there, he and his followers explored further and one of his sons, named Hiber, found an island (later called Ireland) which he named Scotia, after his mother.

So Gaythelos' name gave rise to "Gaelic", Hiber gave rise to Hibernia and Scota gave rise to Scotia and then Scotland.

Another variation on this legend suggests that an Egyptian princess married the King of Portugal in the 4th century.

She brought the Stone of Destiny (Jacob's pillow in the Bible) as a dowry. Her daughter, named Scota, married the King of Ireland's son and her descendants called themselves the Children of Scota.

Either way we are the 4th wave of Helvetic Elves that traveled and met the. High Elves - The Tuatha De Dannan before the Iron came and blighted the lands magick where they retreated to the Sidhe we continued north to where we are today.

Uniting Pict, Norse, Firbolg and Formorian we mastered the Isles and the Sea....

Yet from the foam of the sea we can here her mothers whispers and weeps, so freedom only led to eventually another slavery when the High Steward assumed the Crown. (The Jacobite House of Stewart).

And the land was further cut and new allegiances were formed between men and new pools of dark webbed slavery came to the fore.

The Mac Laomainn were tired of war they became ministers of the Gods and studied, giving up their lands and marrying their fairest and best to keep the peace from encroaching Thanes and mostly the squint mouthed ones.

While in another age the other part of the Grey Elves of my heritage the aforementioned warriors and masters of the western sea MacGilleEathain kept their bonds of the Eld and fought in another forlorn battle - and it was hopeless and truly the Scots were beguiled by the matrix.

The Chief Great Hector MacLean fell as did most of his retinue - The people's of this land ignorant to the plots around them were scattered, starved, displaced, sold into slavery sent to distant lands.

Our song , music, our history our bards and Druids were silenced - our proud silver weapons and our very dress was abolished under the traitors of the lowlands. (And may I say in the clarity of the day I speak not of such imaginations as dreamt of Sir Walter Scott to please the German Crown).

For then we discovered our worth was less than the cattle, the invaders and feeble Lairds claiming to be Scots would rather starve us and continue with Prima Noctae - The Rape of our woman, the rape of The Land, The Rape of our Heritage.

So you wonder now why we appear Gray on the Outside? Fierce? Morose? With a bite, bark and howl like the Wolves that once roamed the Great Forests with Myrrdin in his madness in a even more distant age than now when another matrix of control was replaced by another.

We pass now through The Mirkwood and here a Raven alights above me in the top of an Oak it looks to East a good omen I sense.

Then the land opens warm green rich and well muscled Centaurs are Rampant and Proud, in their great spaces even younger foals are evident, it is verdant - This is a passage to the Valley of Father Time.. And in that I attempt to shrug off fear.

There is a number 42, a joke perhaps a nod to Douglas Adams and the answer to the universe. 4+2 =6 there is another 47 4+7 = 11 and encapsulation of all paths Ain Soph - THE BOUNDLESS.

There is a Solar Sphere And it needs to be reunited with the 9 and the 10..
So that in turn it may pass The Hidden Gate of Sirius, Daath, (Pluto), to move as a reconciled artful Temperance of Alchemy to Unite with the One... At least from there humanity can clearly make its choice.

For The days of Eld battles of greed that served the few and under beguilement and veils of Conspiracy we served ill out purpose of a psychological and a spiritual e-love-ution -

What will come to pass is no longer the dally of a musical bass line upftont in the likes of HOD 7 ~ for example, for we have tread the paths of these perceived mysteries from, The Lost Continent of Mu - to Mesopotamia - Babylon The Tower of Nimrod - we ran wylde as beast with Gilgamesh, (Enkidu), we succumbed to The Red Priesthood in Atlantis which became the corrupted by their concept of the soul of Mer Ka BA...
Each age has seen the empires of man rise and fall. The Romans and the corrupt Catholicism which mistranslated its own words to blame our sisters for the eating of the fruits of the Tree of Knowledge - who corrupted the Secrets of our own divine femininity and our horned lotus, (Moses generic Ramasses generic), two petalled and horned their third eye as it opened to perceive the world anew.

For in The Fixed stars the secrets of creation I will expose an Apocalypse a lifting of The Veil of The High Priestess who guards the portal of initiation - and she is willing - From The End of The Age of Taurus we and men have robbed... - this feminine and kept her underfoot to what end? To what purpose? To bring us to these days....!

Long ago a Sphinx was build at what is currently a deadened star gate - and trust me, the Kings and Priests Priestesses and Queens were of a Vegetable Body and That was the end of The Age of Leo....

And in each adjacent age the great becomes small and a few return with knowledge to build anew.

Fall not again mankind into The Trap of Seeking the Divine without before you understand the Divine within, for that is the animus and the anima...

For in doing so man and woman you are impotent you are impure you are dull inept and without a voice.

Is it any surprise that the aliens some see or the angels perceived were hermaphrodite? In that there is not a single corruption. It is the perfected love of the reconciliation of opposites - the illumination of paradox.

So in this year when more mysteries will, by the well covered by the Viscus Piscus, (and here be not afflicted by a physical dimension). Be Cleansed, to Be Reflected upon The Mirror of the Great Collective - The Mother Sea The Archetypes of Eld will unite in one common purpose to free us from the true shackles of humanity the very matrix the majority accept for they can perceive no other way.

And when in dreams you hear the bells, horns, pipes, rattles ring true know that the seven seals that are opened for you are The seven chakra of the Vedics.

You will be given the gift of the Gods and Goddesses All to percieve your reality anew.

The Pisces Lord is of an age ending and the Divine I Know of the Age of Aquarius is Now.

Myrrdin has awoken some time ago..
The Barrows opened some time ago..

Welcome to Middle Earth

© @wizard_paradox eternity there is no time but the NOW & and The Now is not the NWO.

I Tego Arcana Dei
Location:The Tower


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    1. Thanks Ishtar; I do go on a bit..

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  2. Channelling the Bard in you suits you J , there we all are gathered around the fire , the world is made of stories after all and a story well told rings true even more so in the repeating of it, ( as Maeve would say ) ..I envy you your memory banks and recall the lilt that grows in the rhythm of it and particularly like the bias against the squint mouthed ones, but then I am bias :)

    1. Thanks M whatever it is its people like you that inspire

  3. Unbelieveable post. I extracted bits and pieces that speak to me...very prophetic! I pay attention to:

    "And in each adjacent age the great becomes small and a few return with knowledge to build anew.

    Fall not again mankind into The Trap of Seeking the Divine without before you understand the Divine within, for that is the animus and the anima...

    For in doing so man and woman you are impotent you are impure you are dull inept and without a voice."

    Thank-you for sharing your insight! A. :)

    1. Thank you Lady A my sincere apologies for my slow response. I have been insanely busy.

      Prophetic yes. My most recent post The Perfected Formulæ of The New Æon has some similar insights.

      In perfect love.

  4. Neferhotep I was an Egyptian king of the Thirteenth Dynasty and one of the most powerful rulers of this dynasty. The Turin Canon assigned him a reign length of 11 years.

    Neferhotep I came from a military family. His grandfather, Nehy, held the title ‘officer of a town regiment’. Nehy was married to a woman called Senebtysy. Nothing is known about her, other than that she held the common title ‘lady of the house’. Their only known son was called Haankhef. He appears in the sources always as ‘God’s father’, and he was married to a woman called Kemi. Haankhef and Kemi were the parents of Neferhotep I.

    The family of Neferhotep I seems to have come from Thebes. Neferhotep I's brother, king Sobekhotep IV, stated that he was born there, on a stela that was placed during his reign in the temple of Amun at Karnak. However, the main capital in the Thirteenth Dynasty was still Itjtawy in the North, near the modern village of el-Lisht.

    A woman called Senebsen is known as Neferhotep I's wife. Neferhotep I is known from a relatively high number of objects found across all parts of Egypt and Egyptian-controlled Lower Nubia. In the Turin King List he was given a reign of eleven years, one of the longest of this period. He is also known from a relief found at Byblos.

    The most important monument of the king is a large, heavily eroded stela dating to year two of the king’s reign, found at Abydos. The inscription on the stela is one of the few ancient Egyptian royal texts to record how a king might conceive of and order the making of a sculpture.

    There are also numerous inscriptions in the Aswan region mentioning Neferhotep I's name, as well as the names of family members and officials serving under this king. It is from these inscriptions that we know the name of his wife (Senebsen) and his son Haankhef and his daughter Kemi.

    It is not known under which circumstances Neferhotep I died after his reign of eleven years. His successor was his brother, Sobekhotep IV, and who is perhaps the most important ruler of the Thirteenth Dynasty. Another brother, Sihathor, appears in the Turin King List as successor, but there is no real proof that he ever became king.

    There are several monuments mentioning Neferhotep I and Sobekhotep IV together. This could mean that they may have reigned for some time together. Nevertheless the reigns of these two brothers in the Thirteenth Dynasty mark the peak of this otherwise rather shaky era. There are many private monuments datable under these kings, and especially in sculpture some remarkably high quality art works were produced.

    The Thirteenth Dynasty of ancient Egypt (notated Dynasty XIII) is often combined with Dynasties XI, XII and XIV under the group title Middle Kingdom. Other writers separate it from these dynasties and join it to Dynasties XIV through XVII as part of the Second Intermediate Period. Dynasty XIII was from approximately 1802 BC until ca. 1649 BC for 153 years.

    Neferhotep I Who had the Horus name Khasekhemre and who's consort was Senebsen his burial site is unknown - no doubt it is either under the sands or sunken under Lake Nasser or Both.

    ☽✪☾Sgian-dubh I won't let them Immanentize the eschaton
    En Ferus Hostis I Tego Arcana Dei