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Monday, 28 March 2011

Interview with WizardParadox

Can you think of any fruitful replacement for the “false Christians?”

Or can I think of any fruitful replacements for any of the other religions that claim superiority over another?

I do not have any issue with those who use the examples of Christ for moral guidance. I do have an issue with cruelty, dogma and making claim that their way is the only way

And that goes for any religion and I can include Wicca in that pot. Let's be fair here the source of Christianity is hardly close to any real historical proof. It made the cut just over Mithras as Emperor Constantine recognised it as an excellent means of control over the masses. For all the religions in the world, not one appears to of done any good en masse. All I have to do is take a walk down a city street to observe that humanity is not best served by organised religion.

It irks more when we can view though the historical truth of what Christianity did bring. Genocide, Misogyny. That continues to this day.

If I was the prince of peace I certainly would not spend my heavenly time directing twinky fluffy angels. I would be mightily Peaced Off.

I am not anti-christ, perhaps I am anti christianity. The Christos Archetype of Solar Princes found in the 6th sphere of Tipareth is essential to understanding and evolving as individuals. Should that be the path you are wandering upon.

One thing that the teachings of Christ brought is the concept of Love, unconditional love, a loving god.. In no way can that be criticised, if it is practiced from the heart.

Personally I do try to avoid such fuzzy concepts as faith, belief and hope however; I can recognise the use and I would not personally disparage another from having their faith etc Indeed it is a beautiful thing and for many much needed.

Of course when one is viewed as leftfield it is common to be on the receiving end of abuse. I choose my moments should I will to lift the veil.

All I would ask is that others question everything. Acceptance and toleration are key to opening our heart. It's easy to be religious not so easy to be holy.

In Scotland in particular the west coast the majority of people do not even consider themselves Christian. They are either Protestant or Catholic and that all ties in football and bigotry. Now that's truly sad. Where hate is perpetuated in the name of a game of football and they have no understanding of their own religious values. Again of course this is another great way of fracturing the masses, keeping the working classes preoccupied with their hate and mistrust of each other. The same tactics have been used by the British Government in Northern Ireland.

I have a friend called Caroline and I can honestly say that she is the only true Christian that I know within my circle. She has such faith. Jesus is in her heart and that's a beautiful thing.

So here the Wiccan Rede is a nice fruitful consideration. In answer to the question.

"An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will"

What is a pagan doing on your blog?

Who Me? Well it's a nice broad label isn't it? People like to label people and pagan fits the bill nicely.

When I was three I had a profound visionary experience that remains with me every day. It has haunted, cajoled, made me laugh and clearly shown that everyone lives within their own reality.

Mother nature was my guru. Pan Cernunnos my brother - my destiny the fool. As a child I loved to be in nature with nature. I do not follow any religion or remain stuck in any philosophy. So if we take the etymology of what Pagan means then that is what I am as far as a label goes.

Pagan means 'any person who does not espouse to Christian, Muslim or Jewish doctrine'. That's a big open field of beliefs. But that is what the word means and not what it translates to.

The word pagan is associated to pagus, which is a middle English (1100 to 1500 AD) word that further translates to 'country dweller'.

The academic etymology of Pagan:
circa 1375, from L.L. paganus "pagan," in classical Latin "villager, rustic, civilian," from pagus "rural district," originally "district limited by markers," thus related to pangere "to fix, fasten," from PIE base *pag- "to fix".

So all in all with my numerous interests it's safe to say he is a Pagan. Although Neo-Pagan is again more accurate.

Where are you: “In between the here and the there where magick flows.”

Again I can go back to early childhood to relate the feeling of being invigorated by the elements. Standing alone in a storm upon the rocks - at Troon the White waves battering all around, laughing and feeling the seas power and not one drop of spray wet me. That's a measure of balance to be betwixt two opposites reconciled. The sea and the shore the dawn the dusk - that is where the elements and energies are at their most vibrant. And to be part of that, enthused and yes still. That is where I am at now it becomes easier and easier to reach those points. Even down to sitting in an armchair and being there feeling the swirling and oscillating particles of this universe where each breath causes a stir that impacts on every field.

I recall reading something, somewhere about Alexander Sander and how he could comfortably work his rituals inside his head. And why not? Inside that temple we can create our reality. Perform our art with intent and the common observer would know no difference for what had just occurred.

Magick - Love is the Law - The Love of Will - Under Art is the correct axiom to be employed in this aeon. And that is more esoterically correct than Love under Will.

A Mage not a Witch? Do tell!

My interest in the occult was there as a child and as a youth I picked up an encyclopaedia of the occult and paranormal. I read it from aethyr to Zoroaster the first wizard. I used post it notes on all the parts my intuition said was relevant. Certainly by sixteen I was aware of the illusion we live in. My interest and experience becoming more diverse.

When I was 19 I took an active part in a small metaphysical discussion group. My subjects were the Kabbalah, crystals and the esoteric significance of colours. There were a couple of practicing Celtic Witches in the group who had their own coven and they chose to welcome me into their circle. Alexander the High Priest told me then that I was a Mage and not a Witch... I have gone on from there.

Know any courageous humanitarian and social revolutionaries?

Some years ago I had the pleasure of staying at Samye Ling the Tibetan Monastery - there you can live without ego.

Yet we are aware and we work our works and live in the real world and that is the warriors way. There are some tough situations to deal with in life never mind attempting to walk your talk and a nicely developed ego is a useful tool.

On twitter there are many causes there are three specifically that spring to mind as groups and individuals who work with passion from the heart to make lives better or defend their justice.

@tibettruth who work tirelessly to assist in the emancipation of the Tibetan people

@AdventureFarm a charity that assists and provided holidays for disabled, disadvantaged and terminally Ill children.

And The strong Janice Sharp @JanisSharp who is fighting our own governments to stop the unjust attempts to extradite her son Gary McKinnon

They are just a few however they are admirable.

Now as for social revolutionaries is that not what we are doing here? Attempting to lift the veil for others to peek and I do not mean this interview I refer to the whole of this reality being co-created as humanity evolves from Pisces Slumber many are changing consciousness that is revolution - we are making the change within our own matrix.

What is your purpose?

Within my natal chart there are are some significant aspects that I can play with. Mercury is the spirit of power, Holding together both body and soul, therefore it is called a medium Understand your DNA! It is no mistake that Scorpio the secret master of ancient deep secrets rules my 3rd house of communication. That 3rd house is ruled by Gemini and Mercury. Thus I am the keeper of the mysteries.

In an astrology chart when there are three "strikes" of energy, it is particularly significant. The higher octave of Neptune has to do with spiritual mysteries. Neptune hides behind a veil or a mist. It is only those willing to go through the initation rites of the King of the Sea aided by the Pluto/Scorpio burning away of those Neptune veils that one can make the quantum leap into understanding the unknown.

My Finger of Fate or Yod affecting my 1st, 4th and 9th houses. The answer is always found at the midpoint of the sextile so here it would be at 20 degrees Scorpio. It is significant that it points to 18' Pallas Athena in Taurus in my 9th house. My trigger points are 12' Libra, my stellium in Sagittarius, but particularly my 18' Jupiter and 24' Sun, and then 18' Taurus. Again the midpoint is at 20' Scorpio.

And then there is the whole galactic centre theory

3' Sagittarius is important to my birth chart. These two critical polarity points form the Galactic Centre. The north and south nodes or Dragon's Tails are located there.
3' Sagittarius is where I have Neptune, the higher spiritual consciousness. The polarity opposite at 1' Saturn in Gemini is important as well. So here is what I already know to be true. This is all part of a kite formation with Neptune conjunct Galactic Centre South Node or dragon's tail being at the head of the kite and Saturn at the tail of the kite conjunct the north node. So what that tells me is my special mission in life is to communicate [3rd house] my teacher message regarding higher spiritual values and ideas [9th] to the world. I are aided in this special assignment by my Finger of Fate with Pallas Athena as the focal point.

Writers like Greg Braden, Joe Vitale and Wayne Dyer are calling the Galactic Centre our inner Zero Point as that is the term the physists are using. As above, so below. One of the keys to any birth chart is to see where our North and South Node dragons point to. That helps point us in the direction using the skills of the past lives South Node which are polar opposite to the North Node and the skills we came to develop and use this lifetime

My purpose to lift the veil that binds and blinds. To be a better man. To still love and be loved when I am old.

Do you believe in calendars?

Haha, they have there uses for sure, at least we can agree what day it may be. I have raised issue though time and time again over the generally accepted Julian Calendar. It was forced into place by an evil church to dominate and control the masses.

Outside of that no real issue. The Mayan Calendar is of course fascinating and there are many more that worked within their apparent time line.

We meet in the Astral Kingdom. What are the rules?

Be nice it can be a very dangerous and misleading place.

Indeed I keep having this consideration about a quantum conscience evolutionary leap. And how many minds and energies would be required to catalyse the next awareness. I would say it would take a lot. So how likely is it? We have this, "junk DNA", and I am certain many have this active. We have a spiritual source from which reality is weaved. And we have will. Yes not everyone gives a jot about these matters. So do we rely on faith that something good will happen? Do some evolve?

If this is the great wheel that wishes to liberate every soul monad from Samsara then despite all our efforts why do we live next to or in situations of such unparalleled suffering, we can see the cause we can see the effect yet we ain't leaping anywhere.

And then I considered the Astral Plane so full of mystery of archetypes and humanities creations within the collective. Gods Goddesses Demons and Devils. Angels and little green men to tall grey humanoids... All there mixed up in things that were never incarnated and humans playing at gods and manifesting illusive realities. Government Psi-Ops sending out propaganda - yup it can be a very dangerous place to dally.

Meanwhile back on earth the majority are too wrapped up in survival or maintaining a narrow status quo to make a leap anywhere. There is either a lot of work to do or just sit back and be patient that in several milieu from now it will all be better.

Or perhaps it is the very Astral Plane that is the cause of many of these issues. How do you wipe the slate clean enough that all at once dreaming humanity is awakened within to see past what it has co-created and enter though the void to union with their own divine will?

So perhaps to bring peace there needs to be a few many astral battles to ensure that the world mind can breath freely without fear and control.

What shape will you take tomorrow?

I always recognised the archetypes not as are normally seen or even as they may of been trying to project. They are like everything else made up of energy. Tomorrow is nearly today.

I had a vision I was three, looking into the maelstrom vortex of probability finally to see the image of the fool staring at me. I was older. I was looking in the mirror shaving. I looked into my eyes. I was 3 and I was looking at me the fool a zero that reconciles paradox my encompassing everything to assist in making reality albeit usually my own a better place.


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  1. Impressive stuff ! Will this be published on their site ?
    I liked what you said about Christianity and also the West Coast , so very true and also sad , we are held back so much in this country when the energies are here to move so far forward . A great interview J.. an informative read :) .