The Magic Square

Friday, 25 February 2011

0 - 9 White Stone

The earth lattice energy from core to surface feeds the river of the root chakra upwards toward the other perception organs. 1

The Cosmos showers us with infinite energy our skin glows as our crown spirals out 2

Above Below Within Without Our imagination feeds Intuition feeds perception feeds belief faith hope feeds experience understanding 3

From the experience of understanding there is wisdom ouside infinity beyond comprehension inside infinity to experience 4

As we are nourished so we nourish our animal vegetable and mineral bodies. The triple crown of the fools cap is a step on a journey. 5

Each journey we take is as a fool the wise know and accept this fate snaps at our heels. Within our bag we have all the tools to manifest 6

Thus seek each day to feel that within place of infinity it is the gate to the external. Before you leave yourself you must be yourself. 7

The Wizard Paradox I am. The new Archetype of the Age. I am human. I am animal. I am crystaline. I am vegetable and so are you 8

I am no Guru – I am no healer – I am nothing yet in that nothingness is all possibility. Your greatest gift is imagination. White Stone O 9

Jonathan MacLean-Lambie
© 2009-2011

I Tego Arcana Dei

This is the second poem I recited at the Artists & Academics Gig at Tchai Ovna

Thanks to M for saving and reminding me of this

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  1. Hello ..good you used this one also :) And I am glad I saved it now, think it was to do with a dream as well.... Anyway the creative ( and intuitive ) sea is a wonderful place to swim in, imagination is limitless , glad to know you are back in there diving deep . Love and blessings X