The Magic Square

Wednesday, 1 January 2020



This is going to be a meander, as story a weave, and throughout it I want you to relax into the gentle bards boudoir- relax out and mellow to whatever the vibe is that pleases you. 

Safe spaces are important and this space fills a circumference throughout the multiverses ~

I am going to take you on a journey - it is not quite now. But Magick as you will learn is woven between things always - a give a take - always a cause and an effect. 

Consider this a Window in to an other world that is very similar to yours but is inhabited by other begins and cultures -

Consider this a land if you will on a world in a parallel dimension that mixes and weaves by degrees with the world you call accepted reality.

I have been in the deep, a return to the abysmal void and depths of human experiences- crossed and hung upon the dark cube ruled by Saturn.. born out of three elements and finalized in a fourth, extended into a fifth via apparent chaos... etc

I have developed techniques that I can express and you can amend to your own personal paradigms or copy for a similar Gateway- your distance may vary and you are only limited by a few things.

One is your fullest potential. That is shown on your natal chart. Most of us are unique, and in that  is further potential by way of magic. 

In effect I am whispering as gently as I can a narrative - that works for me.

Discipline is a thing. It comes in various forms and again it’s up to you to put the work in.

Every day - meditation - centre - ground - expand - weave -

How? ...

The Transits - that is the current positions of the planets - This is a second wand - The Other is The Natal-

Things to take note of- 

I am expressing this particular paradigm - by way of the Ari Tree. At the same time internally I am shifting my energy’s to reflect a weave in sidereal time to mirror  the heavens in the body of a man—— but the mind is not in the body-

So internally I am using a different program to what I am sharing with you because it is easier for you to learn on the Ari- before considering a division that remains syncretic to The Gra Tree.

Anyways... Discipline- Greet the Sunrise - know where the 7 governors are relative in space time to your position on Malkuth-

Consider this- I have many hats- the regular brim is the ecliptic- the belt of the zodiac and the Milky Way Etc Etc - From this perspective I can weave and feel the Telluric currents her on Earth - this is the Cosmos and ethereal Orgone of the Alchemists for one... and basically by degrees of numerous time slips through the astrological ages has been a good or a bad thing.

As in order to chaos - or Anerism opposed to Erism. This is no joke, I can provide the scientific evidence to support my Magick- I weave - and live in my personal and somewhat shared working operations reality tunnel- 

In effect to much of a shift will lead to an imbalance here on Earth which will cause extremes against the natural desire of nature. Nature has in the past and will do again reset and find the balance.

Discipline- every day consult your transits see the interplay - how these planets by angles of concept effect your given potential, now all you need is awareness and imagination to begin your weave-

The bell chimes - the sun rises - coffee noir- pipe.

Revelations - so it has been very busy fly myself in terms of shifting my awareness and experiences- this is the dark of winter - this is not the time for Alchemy and Growing- but still ~

Am I not also a lord of the Chthonic realms - the shadows and places on the underworld- old gods and shades... I will be silent on that. 

Horizon- middle earth - where we live but here for myself it is on the edge - the edge of the wallZ a Perimeter, well several actually due to the Nodes and Nexus.. and several portals of potential. But I am only a man.. there is only so much I can express in a moment of Clarity.

The edge of a wave, a time wave a moment in time. When you make safe - circle the moments in time - now you are on the edge of a potential working in space time.

I DO-  such was the 2012 conjunction some were doing a little. Many were doing more by way of bio neural circuitry by passes. And that’s ok- I was trying to earn my trip. Lost Johnny for sure- I wanted to Break into Heaven - just because -

The conjunction via the black hole in the galactic centre puffed out spores like a cosmic psilocybin - Yods and Yoni of energy particles containing valuable information via - silence 

Now we approach the results- the energy now on that tree has come from the Abyss- where the babes sleep- the ether and quicksilver flow down the tree like shalom in harmony- the fibres dill with silver lights - twinkle ingest crystalline matrix of LVX information.

You are the Tree - the four find the spirit of five in the crown of man- a cranial crossbar between - Binah and Chockmah -

Revelations - I have had a few - not all perfect not all woven - but now I weave - why? 

I know my potential- I know my imagination is limitless light in extension- I know illumination should be free.

The Eld are Speaking - The Old Gods are still the 7 after a fashion by way of another paradigm-

To film the gaps - to bridge the gaps - to shift your awareness - simple tricks can be employed - I use apparent paradox and then conceptually sense and feel the energies - I bring them together by way of alchemy and yoga - I weave the potential of the Magickal weather as best as I can.  The Eld are Old- older that the world, older than man, older than elf and Fey and gods and angels - The Eld are the bodies that provided the rays to Earth as our Sol systems (Sirius) cooled.

The prophecies are all synced and melding as one- no matter where I turn to look the message is the same.  This is the end... the end of The Kali Yuga - there are things I do not know. I can prophet, divine, doom say, cast my lots and weave my Magick- I can even share some of those perfected moments with others - I do not know everything- but this age is ending.

Whatever way I see it the message across all the oracles I profess say the same.

So it is to the Elder Futhark that I also turn to assist in hearing a letter which is a wyrd.. a wyrd that connects the weave of heaven, earth, sea and underworld.

The day is this day 1/1/2020 - The Tree B - Berkina - Birch - Birth - 

There is a book called 777 - it contains some tables of correspondence- it will not contain all of these- I represent my weave my tradition - I am a Harlequin- The Fool Thrice - Woven- I dance the balance of the universe - I move and sway in the branches of the Great Trees/ I am between everything this I Balance within everything 

My heart bleed green into blue - 

I walk upon the subconscious sea crest 

The Bastard Seed of Inception- 

An alien spore a shoot on the tree - I own this! I am everything you meet on the journey!

From this undertaking to make the 7 back into the 1 - I can assist in the dream wave that now on its fulcrum and cusp.

Soon by way of the prophecies I wrote and the subjects I poorly addressed in the past - the thread is now more a chain that is wrapped into the very bells and scabbard of Orion.

I am the tip of my fiery spear, I am the point of the Arrow shot by Sagitta - that was in a veil behind a veil that has now come down by natural lead to pierce the hear of the waters. Sidereal The Sun is still in Sagittarius- indeed it entered there - on the 16th of December and the end of The Serpent Holder - 1st Decan Yule.

B - Birch - The Empress- I shall not bore you- she is Venus as a fertile glow upon the moon in her fullness. Cranial Cross Bar - a fertile imagination and third eye.

Second letter of the Elder Futhark.. whilst in Ogham script it’s Beith- the first in the series called Beith Luis Nion - under the Gaelic? Tuatha? Formorian?  Language of The Trees. A T is the symbol - Gnomes are again introduced here as in the giving birth to a Magickal Creature - 

There is a heavier feel on the crossbar Chockmah / Binah - numbered 14 - another deeper flow of energy from the Supernal Triads themselves - as an Angel it evokes - AzraEl on the Same path in his capacity to kill off the old whilst on looking into the Book of Records his quill sharp as a Scythe to stir up the dead to return - the souls incarnated over the past 100 years have lived into very ingenious times.  From Uranus were the stars born and in Binah in her dark shroud are they made glorious-

You walk every day with death - not in the shadow for I know my doom and my Geas.

Another oracle - from The Silver Elves- again where we look to The Trees for their messages - and feel the wisdom of Elven Druids..

Another paradigm with value to explore as a means to shift my reality so bridge the gap between energies that connect to the telluric waves that I can surf in space time to find perfected moments of mastery and return these to the current - for the explanation of how my magic flows -

Purification Healing - Gnome - in Arvyndase Pihyr 

Arvyndase Wizard - Noman-

A new start and a new wave - 

This time I will succeed and draw to me all I need.

And finally the card that was a play was from The Forty Servants - The Gatekeeper - with Key and access you the worlds and locked doors in time space - access via - a Smokey Quartz - Landscape and a pinch of Octarine -

So many old things are coming together - new things and a collective psychological and spiritual evolution is about to wash into the Garden/ Mutual Waves of Probability have been narrowed and there is an immanence in this apocalypse-

Soon... but it’s an awareness and a beginning and Aquarian - telepathic clarity of waves between you as operators - you will just wake up and start to operate and practice and weave a new reality... this is really Magick.


  1. ~ This is so beautifully written, and detailed in your approach. I love this. I appreciate you sharing your journey with us. Thank you.

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