The Magic Square

Monday, 19 March 2012

Scenes Senses

Breathes you in deeply filling every essence of my forests with your intoxicating perfumes.
Such sweet attractions stimulate the transference of pollen like energy from anther to stamen, little sparkles of your dew twinkle a milky way in my eyes. The breath continues to flow no hesitation here.
And a germ of an idea is formed in the heavens a gentle ratio of twin probabilities begins to stir and little super novae from the future spiral like fractal ammonites into the past - each reality explored as seeds pop and firmly form within a darkened womb.
No nudity ,no mirror, no face to a self. Innocence born of love. Little twists and coils like anemone absorb manna from the very air. Through tubes and viscous liquids we float combined, enwrapped coils of potential.
Sounds enter a vacuum no more space need be traversed,the beat of a sphere most mercurial in triple tinctures of refined alchemy bursts forth and we breath all over again.
Exhale. Such moments can perpetually be surpassed. Such happy moments a constant past that reached out finger tip to finger tip twin wands but 5 apart a paradoxical formulae distilled and supped from friendships heart shaped cup to cascade and flow to fertile ground each feeling a seed planted to the moon a pathogenesis of ancient souls that exist in an endless now to kiss the lips of futures whispered.

Quantum Mage
Jonathan MacLean-Lambie

I Tego Arcana Dei

Location:United Kingdom