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Monday, 23 May 2011

We love EVA

► origin and motive of the current anti Eva Surga / Cat People sentiments:

these posts of mine below (in dutch - use google translate) are
regarding the 'anti Eva Surga / Cat People sentiments' currently
flooding the internet. those sentiments all originated from one
website: 'quofataferunt', and are all created by one individual in
particular: the owner of that website. his actions are motivated by a
personal grudge against me, triggered february 3, 2011, when i
rejected his persistent offer to me that i should contribute articles
to his website. all his false insults are based on wild guessed
assumptions. since it is a waste of time and energy to comment every
time he spread his insults, i choose to remain silent, only referring
to this topic.

eva surga,

may 21, 2011

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