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Saturday, 20 November 2010

13th Sign

A Question and an Answer

I used to have a rather long discourse on the subject on my old blog now deleted for my own patience..

Imagine if you will 13 signs across a more blended solar and lunar centric time. Now since discarded, after all many died in the name of our current calendar: yet they, (the alleged initiates to mystery and illuminati), have hidden the occidental occult mysteries and this is but one of them.

See how we meet and connect in this time cycle is where souls connect from the past.

Aged we are by aeons some remember that in this now we drag kicking and screaming the secrets of the ages from the void which must be passed to have union with our true higher will which is one and the same as that of the mulitverse.

The serpent holder is part of this transformation of healing humanities consciousness - The Scorpion is the Serpent of Wisdom borne aloft by the eagle man another twist in the precession of the equinoxes - aloft it flies over the centaur of the Galactic Centre the alleged black hole at Sagittarius B - yet if it is super massive black hole is as empirical science alleges.. why does this galaxy not be absorbed too soon in this Kulpa to another Night of Brahma? Why? Another secret in the knowing of quantum physics and magick - there was no Big Bang we are but the conscious out breath of the unconscious source.

The Sagittarius B galactic centre will along with other planets be in alignment to initiate the destructive healing of our DNA in December 21st 2012 - the recycling of matter is continuous ..

These above are as below - again my words once thoughts became inspired and feeling became experience that became an understanding a moot vacancy beyond such concepts as faith, hope and belief.
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