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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Thoughts are Ego and Ego is Thoughts 2

from Pink Floyd One of my Turns
Day after day
Love turns gray
Like the skin on the dying man
And night after night
We pretend it's all right
But I have grown older
And you have grown colder
And nothing is very much fun, anymore
And I can feel
One of all my turns coming on
I feel
Cold as a razor blade
Tight as a tourniquet
Dry as a funeral drum

When I am low a low dark song can cheer me up as I think that it is not as bad as that. When I am up, then I can relate to the song and think that I understand and emphasize with that.

I know a lot and I know that Thoughts are Ego and Ego is Thoughts, it's what we let control us and allow to have cause and effect.

I have had a few ego's; I am mutable by nature and I have destroyed them. Currently I am in a place where the rebuild is uncertain, no plan, nothing a zero point.

And then I see something like this that really strikes a chord: "When your world falls apart, pick up only the pieces that you like. Build your new life from what you love." a quote from the twitter of @crystalbutterfl

The above quote in my knowing is a truth; I only need to find the pieces I like.


  1. hiya ;)

    I understand what your saying here my friend. crystalbutterfly is correct. Start again with the things that you like, it's the only way forward. It's time to grow for you, time to move forward. I spent many years on shoulda woulda coulda, so if you can trust me with this, don't waste five years of your life - like me.

    So now I literally live like a cat or dog, in now, not even giving the energy to things in the past. Make today the start of moving forward. :) you've alot of friends around you that care, including me :)
    Aly ;)

  2. Thank you always a blessing